Hacking the Supporting Blackberry Infrastructure in .NET

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Hacking the Supporting Blackberry Infrastructure
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Generate an audit event when the audit log reaches a percent full threshold Harden the TCP/IP stack against denial-of-service attacks Review time-service authentication Disable LMHashcreation Disable autorun LDAP BIND command request settings Generate administrative alert when the audit log is full Turn off Web view in folders Harden the NTLM SSP Disable all unused services Apply all necessary hotfixes and patches
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In Bob s situation none of these steps were followed. He didn t even think about updating the server with the latest patches and security hotfixes. Consequently, Bob s BlackBerry Enterprise Server was subject to exploitation. Regardless of how securely the BlackBerry devices were configured, Bob s company still had a significant vulnerability that was due to the simple fact that the devices were being utilized. The insecure server configuration was the first problem. The next item is just as bad and helped in getting unfettered access to Bob s LAN.
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Insecure Topology
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Up to this point, Bob had configured his server insecurely and it was susceptible to numerous exploits. That is bad. In and of itself, a hacker having access to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server may be bad, but it doesn t necessarily give that hacker access to anything else on the LAN. However, Bob didn t implement the proper topology when setting up his BES. He just wanted to get the server up and running. Because the proper topology wasn t used, the exploited BES gave up unrestricted access to the rest of Bob s network. This included the servers on which the sensitive customer information resided, and resulted in that breach of security. Let s go back to Figure 4.1. It s a very simple diagram that illustrates a sensible approach: control access to the BES from the Internet and control where data from the BES can go. Bob didn t do the latter. He had a firewall on the Internet side of the BES, but he didn t have one on the LAN side. That led to a hacker being able to get access to the rest of the network from the BES. Figure 4.2 shows how compromising the BES gave access to the rest of the network.
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Part II
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How BlackBerrys Are Hacked, and How to Protect Them
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The hacker has access to the BES.
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Because the hacker can get to the BES, they can also get to the other servers. Nothing at the network layer is stopping that access.
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Other servers on the LAN
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Figure 4.2: Leaving the LAN side of the BES vulnerable compromises the network
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If Bob had placed a firewall on the LAN side of the BES, then access to the sensitive customer data through the BES would have been prohibited. It s not inconceivable that Bob wouldn t put a firewall on the LAN side of the BES. Figure 4.3 shows a detailed diagram of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server architecture straight from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange v4.12 Feature and Technical Overview document. It shows the proper BlackBerry topology. It even shows a firewall protecting the infrastructure from the Internet. This type of diagram appears frequently throughout the BES documentation. The problem with the diagram is that it shows the proper topology of how to set up the BlackBerry infrastructure to work with the various components, but it is not the be-all and end-all of how to set up the topology securely. Having the LAN-side firewall is critical and I have yet to see a diagram in the documentation that includes it. Hopefully you can see how implementing the proper topology can protect the LAN from instances where the Internet-facing BES has been compromised. It s pretty simple, but very important and often overlooked. Now I m going to talk about an instance in which the LAN is susceptible to exploitation because of the supporting BlackBerry infrastructure even when the BES hasn t been compromised and is in working order. I m going to talk about BBProxy.
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