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Palm Handhelds
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Palm s PDAs were among the first to make their way into enterprises. This doesn t mean enterprises necessarily bought them for their employees, but rather end-users simply needed a personal organizer and these devices were the best available. Plus, they were affordable. In a previous section we discussed the Palm Pocket PC smartphones. Palm also makes Palm OS based smartphones and traditional handhelds. The traditional Palm handhelds all utilize Palm OS 5.4; the models include
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Palm Z22 Palm Tungsten E2 Palm TX Palm LifeDrive
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Figure 2.7 shows these four Palm handhelds. The Palm Z22 is an entry-level device that has basic functionality. It can synch with PCs and Macs. Palm calls it your planner, journal, sticky notes, and calendar all in one little place. It s organized fun. The Tungsten E2, is powerful, yet affordable. Built for business, but priced for value. View and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint compatible documents on the go. The E3 also includes Bluetooth capability.
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Understanding the Devices
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Palm Tungsten E2
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Palm TX
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Palm LifeDrive
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Figure 2.7: Palm handhelds
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Palm s description of the TX states, affordable Wi-Fi is here. With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, this is the wireless device you ve been waiting for. The inclusion of Wi-Fi is the big difference with this model, as is the increase in memory and processor speed. Palm s LifeDrive is the most souped-up version. It also includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability, plus a dramatic increase to a whopping 4GB of memory (due to the emphasis on multimedia).
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Palm Smartphones
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In addition to the two Pocket PC smartphones, Palm offers two Palm OS based smartphones: the Treo 700p and Treo 650. Figure 2.8 shows the Palm OS smartphones.
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Palm Treo 650
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Palm Treo 700p
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Figure 2.8: Palm OS smartphones
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Part I
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Understanding the Threats and Devices
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Both of these models include built-in Bluetooth and 3G wireless connectivity, plus dial-up networking. They can view and edit Office documents and have robust functionality. The 700p contains a good amount more RAM than the 650. The available service providers for each model are:
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Treo 700p
Sprint Verizon Wireless Cingular Wireless Sprint Verizon Wireless
Treo 650
The Treo 650 also has unlocked GSM
Cell Phones
It is important to remember that cell phones also need to be protected as mobile devices. Clearly, there are tons and tons of cell phones available in the market today. It s not necessary (or possible) to cover all the cell phones out there, but they can be placed into a couple of different categories. Any cell phone needs to run an operating system. This section breaks down phones into those that use the Symbian OS and those that use a different OS.
Symbian OS Cell Phones
It is imperative to understand the existence of the Symbian operating system. Symbian says it best: Symbian OS is the global industry standard operating system for smartphones, and is licensed to the world s leading handset manufacturers, who account for over 85 percent of annual worldwide mobile phone sales. The Symbian operating system can be found on phones from the following manufacturers:
Arima BenQ Fujitsu Lenovo LG Electronics, Inc. Mitsubishi Electric
Understanding the Devices
Motorola Nokia Panasonic Samsung Sharp Siemens Sony Ericsson
Key features of the Symbian operating system include
Platform security Comprehensive Java support Hard real-time capabilities Complete messaging capabilities Rich multimedia capabilities Powerful graphics Broad support for communication protocols Rich suite of application services
Non Symbian OS Cell Phones
Clearly, Symbian-based cell phones have a huge market share. However, non Symbian OS cell phones with advanced features will run either a proprietary operating system or one of the following:
Linux Palm OS RIM OS Windows Mobile (phone edition)
Things to Remember
The job of protecting the enterprise from mobile devices is certainly complex and challenging. The first step in doing so is to understand what you re up against. In 1 we covered the various threats to mobile devices. We also discussed fundamental changes and shifts in security strategies that need to be put into place to address the increase in mobility.
Part I
Understanding the Threats and Devices
In addition to understanding the threats, it is important to understand the variety of mobile devices that are available in the marketplace. What may have once seemed like an incomprehensible sea of mobile devices should now appear to be a manageable grouping that includes the following: