Finishing Techniques in .NET

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12 Finishing Techniques
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3. If you didn t add dusts or titles to your painted instrument, you don t really need a final sealant coat (even though a clear topcoat can make the main red coat look more vibrant). If you did apply dusts or sparkle, a clear topcoat is mandatory both for looks and its function as a sealant. The clear gloss will increase the sparkle s radiance tenfold and will seal the inks with a nice protective coating. Apply the clear sealer just as you did the paints, one very thin coat at a time, until a nice and even gloss is achieved. Let it dry very thoroughly before even thinking of handling.
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Important Dos and Don ts
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The most important don t of spray painting Don t pause in midstroke. You ll immediately spray too much, and an ugly run will appear. Keep the spray can moving at all times. And resist the temptation to rush things. Applying slow, light, even coats is the key. And do use either a heat gun or a small forced-air space heater to speed drying, especially if you ve painted in a high humidity environment. A heat gun can drive the haze out of wet paint that sometimes occurs in clear coats if applied on humid days. As with the spray can, keep the hot air of a heat gun moving all the time. Directing the gun s airflow at a single spot on the newly painted instrument can distort the paint, the plastic, or both. You can also use a forced-air space heater to speed drying. Position the painted workpiece in front of the heater at a distance from which gentle, warm air blows over the paint (see Figure 12-6).
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FIGURE 12-6: Positioning a small forced-air heater to speed paint drying
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Hot air is not needed. Again, positioning the workpiece too close to the heater can distort paint or deform plastic.
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Hardening and Handling
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As mentioned, fast-drying paints dry to the touch rather quickly. But for them to fully harden and cure takes much longer, usually days. Be sure to let this time elapse before handling the workpiece or you ll end up with fingerprints on the finish, and the paints will bulge where you tighten the component hardware.
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Part III Dr. Frankenstein, May We Proceed
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When the paint is fully dried (test paint for hardness with a fingernail in a spot that will be hidden by a component, such as the edge of an empty switch hole), you can proceed to mount your components and begin the soldering process. However, all post-painting bench work must now be done on a folded pad of deep-nap terry cloth (or another firm but very soft surface). You ve put a lot of time and effort in the finish. A soft work surface will go a long way toward protecting the paint job.
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Fixing Those Painting Mistakes
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Drips and sags occur when paint is sprayed on too thickly. Fixing these mishaps is no fun at all. The best solution here is to be very cautious with your painting and always err on the side of too little rather than too much paint. Still, drips happen. There are a couple ways to get around this mess.
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Sand It Out
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Let the drip dry, sand it out, and start that coat again. I know. No one wants to do that. But that s how it s done. Use a medium-grit sandpaper and be prepared to toss it out as you go, because the paper will quickly become clogged with paint. Last, use a fine-grit sandpaper to smooth the bad spot as well as possible.
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Hide It!
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Sneaky, but hiding a drip or other small paint flaw is often a good alternative, especially if the flaw is on a final (and beautiful) coat and you don t want to have to paint the entire instrument again. What would be large enough to hide the flaw Can you mount another switch there A bodycontact A pilot lamp A pot How about a nameplate Even a dummy bolt with a chrome head looks better than a paint drip. Only you will know it holds in place nothing more than your instrument s dignity. Not done yet. Whenever there are enough of any unwanted things in the world, no matter what they are, someone always seems to come to the rescue. There are so many unwanted holes, it turns out, that industry has stepped in to, well, fill them all. Or at least as many as possible. Look for these snap-in, chrome or plastic mini hubcaps in the nuts-and-bolts section of your major hardware store. You ll probably have to widen the hole a bit with your hand bore to get the next-size-up hole cap to fit.
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