Fixing the Inevitable Soldering Mistakes in .NET

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Fixing the Inevitable Soldering Mistakes
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So, you trusted my advice, tried the molten solder transport trick, and now have a glob of dropped solder on the circuit board. All is not lost. Usually in the case of dropped molten solder, repairs are not too difficult, because the solder has fallen on cold surfaces upon which it will not fully adhere. Careful scraping and prying with an X-ACTO blade will usually remove these thin splobs (a splob is a splattered blob). Two seat-of-the-pants methods exist for solder removal in the instance of too much solder having been applied to a single connection, or solder straying into easy-access areas where it doesn t belong. The first method is to see whether it will adhere to the cleaned tip of your hot soldering pencil. If so, remove the solder by drawing it up on the hot tip, cleaning the tip, and repeating until the solder is removed (or until the residual solder can be scraped away). The second technique can be touchy to disastrous, depending on your standing with the gods of fortunate soldering. Heat the solder to liquid state and quickly, while the solder is still hot, sharply tap the board against the workbench in such a direction as to fling the solder off and
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away from any other components on the board. Don t try this with circuits where the molten solder might run under ICs, into IC pins, or any other place that might complicate rather than solve the problem. Reserve it for simple circuits. Pretty radical solution, but it has worked for me many, many times. For solder mistakes involving more difficult situations, such as solder accidentally flowing between two adjacent pins on an IC, specialized tools are made for this kind of touchy solder removal. The best of these is a simple solder wick. Made of braided wire, the wick will absorb molten solder the way a sponge absorbs water. In use, the wick is placed against the unwanted solder and then heated with the soldering iron tip (see Figure 8-26).
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FIGURE 8-26: Heat the de-soldering braid against the solder overflow.
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You ll see the solder melt into the braid, with any luck leaving only a small bit behind, easily scraped away. These braids can be trimmed to shape to fit in tight spaces, and after use you simply clip the solder-filled section away. There are also small solder vacuum pumps that draw melted solder up and into their reservoir. I prefer the braid, but you might try both and see which system you feel best with. Before you begin to work on the project section of this book, it would be a good idea for you to practice all the soldering techniques I ve discussed. Splice wires, tin multistrand wire, solder to switches and pots, LEDs, speakers, circuit board (component leads such as resistors and capacitors as well as to printed circuit traces), and IC pins. Try the stationary iron, molten solder transport, and the solder removal techniques as well. For this practice session, you ll need to use some of the components you ve collected (pots, LEDs, and switches) as well as have a circuit to work on. Any sound toy with the batteries removed will probably do, as long as it has a circuit board and speaker. At secondhand shops,
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such a toy will cost only a couple dollars. Try soldering wires to the circuit board in as many ways as possible and until you re comfortable with the procedures. Better yet, if you have a dead circuit of any type lying around, try soldering different kinds of wire to it, anywhere you can (see Figure 8-27).
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FIGURE 8-27: Practice soldering to everything on a dead circuit.
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pecimen quality and museum quality are familiar terms to amateur mineralogists such as myself. On a trip through Canada I visited an amethyst mine in Thunder Bay to search through their tailings, the rough stone already gone over in search of fine grade amethyst. The idea was that specimen-quality stones might still be amidst the rubble and were for sale by weight to persons lucky enough to find them. Within a few minutes I spotted a sparkly cluster of jagged-edged stones, looking as though they were all stuck together. Turning this clump over, I was thrilled to discover that this was the base of a single large crystal, all facets of the natural structure unmarred and terminating into a sharp point. A keeper. Back in the office, having taken the crystal in to be weighed, I was immediately interrogated: Where exactly did I find the crystal Turns out that the iron inclusions in the amethyst crystal I found made the specimen very rare. Museum quality, in fact. And 50 cents by weight. The circuit-bending process is just like this like hunting in a gem mine. Discarded circuits are very much the tailings of our consumer electronics market. And like the tailings of the amethyst mine, they contain museum quality gems, by weight, for anyone prepared to search.
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