FIGURE 8-21: Using the stationary iron for tinning a series of wire ends in .NET

Make USS Code 39 in .NET FIGURE 8-21: Using the stationary iron for tinning a series of wire ends
FIGURE 8-21: Using the stationary iron for tinning a series of wire ends
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8 Soldering Your Way to Nirvana
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This will also streamline joining wires to each other, soldering wires to hard-to-position parts, and many other applications. After all, the soldering pencil is often the heavier and harder item to position within the soldering triad (iron, solder, and component). A corded tool only adds to the potential trouble. Keep this in mind opportunities will arise.
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Playing Hooky
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Keeping wires where you want them while soldering can be a problem. Sometimes there s little room to wrap a wire around a soldering point (as in a mini resistor mounted flush with the board), or the point itself is just too small (such as an IC pin emerging from the back of a printed circuit board). Preshaping the end of the wire may be the solution. Form the end of the stripped wire into a tiny hook that can be slipped over the target IC pin or component lead (see Figure 8-22).
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FIGURE 8-22: Make a hook on the end of the wire for locating it on difficult areas.
Slip it over, solder, and finally clip away any extra wire remaining.
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Wrap That Wire!
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Even with all the aforementioned techniques, sometimes the wire you re trying to solder just won t stay in place. If the wire is long enough, after hooking the stripped end over the target connection point you can wrap the wire s other end around a nearby component on the board. This will hold the wire in place for soldering (see Figure 8-23). If you have no handy component for wrapping, you can always use a piece of masking tape to hold the wire still.
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Part III Dr. Frankenstein, May We Proceed
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FIGURE 8-23: Use a nearby component to keep the hooked wire in place.
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Molten Solder Transport (Don t Tell)
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In traditional soldering, the idea of transporting melted solder around on the tip of a hot iron is unthinkable. The fear is that the solder will drop off the iron, falling onto the circuit and sending you directly to the repairs section that follows. It s a real concern, too. However, if used with care, molten solder transport is just fine. Let s say that you re soldering a wire to an IC pin, just as described previously. But you fear that the solder you left on the pin in the tinning process wasn t built up enough to solder the wire when melted. You need a little more solder. Using the heat of the tip, you can cut a small section of solder, about 1 16" long, off the roll. This 1 16" section of solder will immediately draw itself onto the hot tip and remain there (see Figure 8-24).
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FIGURE 8-24: Cutting solder off the roll with your soldering tip
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If you hold the wire against the IC pin and then bring the molten bit of solder to the wire/pin junction, the solder on the tip should flow onto the IC pin, soldering the wire nicely in place (see Figure 8-25).
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8 Soldering Your Way to Nirvana
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FIGURE 8-25: The small bit of transported solder will flow onto the IC pin.
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I do this all the time. Even all by itself (without your pre-tinning the IC pin first), this molten solder transport works well for this type of small-area connection. Keep in mind that the rosin in the core of the solder boils away as the solder is heated; you can see this smoky event if you watch. Because the rosin serves to help hot solder adhere to the metals being soldered together, the best connections are made while the rosin is still boiling. In molten solder transport, the rosin might boil away before the solder makes it to the connection. The only answer here is to be quick in getting the freshly cut hot solder to the connection. Yes, this increases the chance of dropping hot solder on the board. Still, with practice, traveling molten solder is a legitimate soldering technique. The key caution here is to never carry more solder on the tip than is needed for a connection. In any solder connection, think small over large: Use as little solder as needed to smoothly coat the joint, and no more.
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