Part II Building Your Circuit-Bending Workshop in .NET

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Part II Building Your Circuit-Bending Workshop
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the flute a sharper edge, taking the smooth sine wave of the flute and pushing it toward more of a triangle or square wave-form, making it sound more like a clarinet or even a cello. The capacitor is doing the same thing that it did with the flash example, only much faster and on a smaller scale. The electrical current that passes through the wire that created the fine flute sound enters the capacitor smoothly and in a steady flow, par usual. But the cap now does its charge/discharge thing to this current, and, like a balloon against bike spokes, the outcome is noticeable. You ll be fine with an assortment of low-voltage disc as well as electrolytic capacitors, best priced in variety packs as well as in bulk as surplus (see Figure 6-16).
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FIGURE 6-16: Assorted capacitors
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Electrolytics Can ZAP!
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Larger capacitors of the electrolytic type, as I touched on in the flash tube example, are not to be touched on, literally. At least not without discharging them first. You won t be dealing with these, most likely, but persons who are into electronics should be aware that larger electrolytic capacitors can maintain a big charge for a long time after being removed from an active circuit.
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6 Your Electronic Parts Supply
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Sounds like a battery, the way it s maintaining a voltage like that, right Exactly. In fact, electrolytic caps are commonly used as batteries in power supply back-up systems. They kick in when the main power supply is interrupted and, in this case, slowly release their charge as would a battery. A 1K or larger resistor can be placed between the leads of a suspect capacitor to discharge it. Using a needle-nose pliers with insulated handles to hold one end of the resistor, place the body of the resistor between the leads of the capacitor. If charged, the capacitor will discharge from pole to pole through the resistor and then be safe to handle. No, shorting the cap s leads without a load (the resistor) in place is not a safe option. The fast discharge so produced can explode the cap or cause other nastiness. Ask your parts dealer to point out large capacitors to you so that you ll recognize them and then steer clear if you see a group of em wandering down the dark alley where you re Dumpster diving. Unless, of course, you re carrying your 1K resistor with you, which you can swiftly draw from your shirt pocket and spin threateningly between thumb and forefinger, the flickering yellow of the alley s street lamp glinting off its bent leads. Some capacitors are polarized components. As do batteries, these have both positive and negative poles (usually well marked on the case). In critical circuit design, these poles must be respected. In your work here, this won t be too critical an issue. You re just substituting components for interesting sounds, come what may, and you re specifically exploring out-of-theory here. But as you build kits or design your own circuits later from scratch, be aware of capacitor polarity as well as voltage rating (never use a cap of a lesser voltage than it will be exposed to in the live circuit again, not a worry to benders within the routine work outlined in this book).
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Semiconductors are glowing all over your circuits everywhere. If you could see infrared light, otherwise dark circuits would look like well-illuminated miniature science fiction cities with ICs, transistors, and diodes all throbbing with eerie, scintillating light. Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, take advantage of this beguiling aspect of semiconductors and tune the emitted light to the visual spectrum (as well as fine-tuned, powerful but still invisible infrared for data transmission). Light-emitting diodes are fun. They re very efficient light sources, meaning that they draw little current to operate. They re bright at low voltages and don t drain batteries nearly as fast as the tungsten panel lights they ve replaced. (The story s not quite that simple see tungsten bulbs in Appendix C.) They re inexpensive and now come in just about all colors (white LEDs can be painted any transparent or translucent color as well). They re easy to work with and will reveal to you all kinds of activity not otherwise visible within the circuit you re working on. In this book, you ll be using LEDs as indicator lamps for several types of circuit functions (see Figure 6-17).
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