Tools of the Trade in .NET

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5 Tools of the Trade
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FIGURE 5-12: Rifflers
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Not all components come with panel-mount hardware. And there are tons of other jobs that need one adhesive or another. Because we re dealing mostly with metals and plastics here, white glues are out of the question (Elmer s and other paper/wood glues need a porous surface for proper bonding). This fact brings us up to the table of elements a little further.
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Hot-Melt Glue
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Although strand-prone and potentially messy, hot-melt glue s ability to set quickly into a semisolid mass has definite benefits. Your choice here is, essentially, among large and small glue guns. My suggestion is to hang with the standard hot-melt gun because the glue sticks are also standard and easily found. The smaller gun, available at hobby shops, is nice, too, as long as you keep the smaller-diameter glue rods in stock (see Figure 5-13).
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Part II Building Your Circuit-Bending Workshop
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FIGURE 5-13: Standard and small hot-melt glue guns
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With the larger gun comes the option to purchase extra-long glue sticks. But remember that a semi-used stick is glued into the gun as soon as it cools, and the glue gun is now two-and-ahalf feet long. Yes, a utility knife can solve that problem, and even chopping long sticks down to size upon purchase can save a buck. But I stick with the shorter breed most of the time. You ll see a few glue variants. General purpose is fine, carvable, removable (with a small chisel blade), sets in about 3 4 minutes, and is what you ll most likely see at the stores. As to the gun itself The most important feature is a power light (unless you enjoy the smell of charred workbench waking you at three in the morning). These are getting harder to find in the rush to manufacture items as cheaply as possible, come-what-may. That penny saved may be a workshop burned. Get one with a light if you can.
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Silicon Adhesives
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Silicon adhesives are everywhere now, even holding great slabs of stone on the fa ades of buildings in place of more traditional cement mortars. At least for the time being. Silicon glues are stickier than hot-melt. That s good in an instrument that will be flexed, not uncommon in the plastic-housed circuits you ll be dealing with. Silicon is also removable using small-bladed tools. But although it skins over quickly, it still takes a long while to cure to full bonding strength.
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5 Tools of the Trade
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Silicone is a broad spectrum adhesive, capable of bonding porous and nonporous materials alike. Crafter s Goop and other specialized versions are available, some setting more quickly than others. Having a tube at hand is often convenient.
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Epoxy comes in handy. Slower-setting epoxy is generally higher in strength. But 5-minute epoxy will usually work fine. It s more than strong enough for our needs and cures fast enough that you can hold parts in location as it sets. Roughen plastics before applying epoxy (crosshatching with a pointy object works well). There are also epoxy putties that mix together prior to setting, just like the liquids. These are sculptable as they set up, and can be used where reinforcement is needed in mounting larger or unusually shaped parts.
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Mask Up!
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We ll be battling particulate matter: It wants in, we want it out. Having the right respirator at hand is only common sense (see Figure 5-14). If you intend to spray paint your instruments, be sure to wear the appropriate mask. The same with drilling at higher speeds or any activity that produces airborne particulates. Always mask up!
FIGURE 5-14: Particle mask
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Your Electronic Parts Supply
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hen I began to bend circuits, I had no real idea as to what the components actually did. I would choose one resistor over the other because it had a lavender band instead of less exciting colors. I d choose a component because it had a weird shape, not knowing or caring whether it was a resistor or capacitor, a coil, transistor, or photocell. All I knew was that it might change the sound in an interesting way when included in the circuit-bending path. So I tried it. Ridiculous, I suppose, and downright foolhardy if you re dealing with anything other than very low voltage. But had I not, we wouldn t be here today, and the monkey would still be at the typewriter (he said, checking his knuckles for hair).