Part IV Eighteen Projects for Creating Your Own Alien Orchestra in .NET

Generating Code 39 Full ASCII in .NET Part IV Eighteen Projects for Creating Your Own Alien Orchestra
Part IV Eighteen Projects for Creating Your Own Alien Orchestra
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Record, Play, and Stack buttons Picture Switches Line Out Pattern Switches
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Looping Switch FIGURE 30-1: Miniature Harmonic Window made from the battery compartment/circuit of a sampling teddy bear
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30 Project 17: The Harmonic Window
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FIGURE 30-2: The Harmonic Window
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What s so interesting about this instrument is that bending the circuit results in a sampler that can then stack samples in a row, something it could not do before. In addition to this, the stack of samples can then also be transformed in various mutations of themselves, resulting in percussive loops and phrases of extraordinary content. The transformed sample stack is often accompanied by odd swept frequencies and noise anomalies creating surprising complexity out of the simple sample source of, for example, a pencil tap and a couple shouted syllables.
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Before you begin this project, be sure to have all these parts at hand. 1 Harmonic Window sampling circuit 9 sub-miniature N.O. (normally open) pushbutton switches 1 short wire (clipped resistor lead) for the stacking jumper
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Part IV Eighteen Projects for Creating Your Own Alien Orchestra
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FIGURE 30-3: Ultra-simple Sample Stacker the same circuit housed inside an emptied Polaroid camera body
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Open It Up!
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Reaching up into the animal allows you to grasp the sampling unit and remove it from the cavity, though it s much more fun with a security guard watching. Remove the batteries. Remove the six screws securing the back of the case and carefully separate the two halves. If your circuit has a cardboard shield protecting it, remove the shield and replace the two small Phillips-head screws (don t overtighten; the plastic here is soft and strips easily).
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Circuit at First Glance
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You ll see at the top of the board where the wires that went to the paw switches connect. Your new Play and Record switches will connect, of course, to these same points. Study them and note which contacts go to which switches. Look closely at Figure 30-4. The most important bend on the board is the small jumper visible just below the central IC. Adding this jumper makes the stacking function possible.
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30 Project 17: The Harmonic Window
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FIGURE 30-4: Bending diagram for the Harmonic Window. Wire your new Record and Play pushbuttons to the points where the originals connected (not shown in illustration; just follow the original wires and solder to the same points).
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All your connections will be made on the back of the board; there are no unusually critical soldering situations to deal with.
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Step-by-Step Bending
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You ve gathered all the needed parts and you ve opened things up. You ve studied the diagram. Now, step by step, you ll complete the transformation. Here s how.
Choosing a Cool Control Layout
Your control layout will depend upon whether you want to create a miniature carry-around version (refer to Figure 30-1) or instead mount everything within a new case of some kind. The case I used for the large version on this book s cover and shown in Figure 30-2 is from an AnsaPhone, an early telephone answering machine that recorded on reel-to-reel tape.
Part IV Eighteen Projects for Creating Your Own Alien Orchestra
If you re going the same route, that of a larger case, you ll need to examine your new case and note where the circuit will be mounted, where your new battery supply should go, and where all the controls will be mounted. If you ll be attempting to mount all controls on the original case (as shown in Figure 30-1), you ll have tight clearances, but you ll have space for sub-miniature components all along the top and both sides. Controls are divided into two groups, described next.
The Record and Play Group
This group consists of four switches. Record and Play are the original controls offered by the sampler. The Stack switch allows live samples to be stacked end to end. The Loop switch simply keeps the Play switch turned on. The three of these that are pushbuttons (Play, Record, and Stack) I keep near each other, as seen at the top of the miniature instrument in Figure 30-1.