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With the membrane strip attached and active again, go through all the voices to be sure that each still works. If some have gone silent, this is probably a ribbon problem. Be sure that the ribbon connecting the membrane keypad to the circuit is aligned correctly. All voices should now be tunable from super-high to way down low (the higher the pot value the lower the voices will go). Your LED should strobe with the sounds. The body-contacts should bend the pitch when touched. The line output should supply a nice, clean signal to your audio system. Check your wiring if anything s not working as it should.
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If you re working with an added case to allow more room, simply reassemble the membrane and frame and attach the whole thing to your larger housing. Run your wires to the controls within the added case and run all tests as outlined previously. If you re using the tiny case only (as in Figure 27-1), be very careful to keep wires away from the moving drawer of the battery compartment, and inside the case as you bring the front and back sides of the case together. Replace the small screws and retest all functions.
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27 Project 14: Bent Book Strip
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Consider this project a likely candidate for battery supply replacement. In the Dworkian Register (refer to Figure 27-2), I ve replaced the tiny button batteries with three D cells for driving the circuits and the bank of high-brightness LEDs. See the ending of 9 for battery-swapping instructions, but build the new compartment right into the instrument s case.
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My instant feel for this type of sound system falls toward the ambiance generator (again, see the description of the Dworkian Register in 11). The unusual voices of the bent sound strips are great as mysterious punctuations to other music, and, using body-contact vibrato, can even become alien lead vocalists if you re hanging out with the wrong crowd.
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Project 15: Cool Keys Bent Music Stick
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ho needs a mechanical piano keyboard to play the good ol equal-tempered scale No one, or so thought Diversified Specialists Inc. To stand by this conviction, around 1993 DSI introduced Cool Keys, a stick-like guitar-shaped instrument capable of playing mellow bell-like tones over a span of two octaves by means of pressing a long, flat membrane colorfully marked with the notes of the scale (see Figure 28-1). Instead of the usual abandonment of the sharps and flats, often omitted in little kids music makers, they re included. The only things that keep this little instrument from doing bigger things are its limited frequency range, no vibrato bar (pitch bender as on a real electronic guitar), and its lack of an output jack. Why don t we remedy all this and a little more
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Parts Open it up! Circuit at first glance Step-by-step bending Choosing a cool control layout Case considerations Marking the board Drilling holes Painting Control mounting Soldering Testing Reassembly Musicality
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Before you begin this project, be sure to have all these parts at hand. 1 Cool Keys 2 miniature SPST (or SPDT) toggle switches 1 5M (or 10M) potentiometer 1 body-contact 1 red LED 1 1 F electrolytic capacitor 1 10 F electrolytic capacitor Line-output array as desired (see Appendix A)
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Part IV Eighteen Projects for Creating Your Own Alien Orchestra
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LED, Bending Switches, and Body-Contact
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Pitch Dial
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Line Output FIGURE 28-1: Circuit-Bent Cool Keys Music Stick
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Open It Up!
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Remove the eight Phillips-head screws on the back of the instrument. Carefully separate the instrument halves. Be extra cautious here because the battery compartment resides on the back half of the case and is connected to the circuit by the frailest of wires. As soon as you have the back off, it s a good idea to de-solder the two wires from the battery compartment. Be sure to mark on the battery compartment which wire went where (red is positive; black is negative). Now, working on the circuit will be easier and carry no risk of your (or your cat s) ripping the battery wires off the circuit. Nonetheless, remember or make a note of where the battery wires connected to the circuit in case a wire comes loose. As on the battery compartment, note polarity as well.