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Fast Object Recognition Using Dynamic Programming from a Combination of Salient Line Groups
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Dong Joong Kang Jong Eun Ha
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School of Information Technology, Tongmyong University of Information Technology, Busan 608-711, Korea
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In So Kweon
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Department of Electrical & Computer Science Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejun, Korea Web Pages qr code encoderin .net
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This chapter presents a new method of grouping and matching line segments to recognize objects. We propose a dynamic programming-based formulation extracting salient line patterns by defining a robust and stable geometric representation that is based on perceptual organizations. As the end point proximity, we detect several junctions from image lines. We then search for junction groups by using the collinear constraint between the junctions. Junction groups similar to the model are searched in the scene, based on a local comparison. A DP-based search algorithm reduces the time complexity for the search of the model lines in the scene. The system is able to find reasonable line groups in a short time.
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