Medical Pattern Understanding and Cognitive Analysis in .NET

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Medical Pattern Understanding and Cognitive Analysis
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Table 14.5 Production set defining changes in the spinal cord. Lesion Dilatation Grammar rules 1.LESION ENLARGEMENT 2.ENLARGEMENT E H N E N EH 3.LESION NARROWING 4.NARROWING N H E N E N H 5.H h h H 6.E e e E 7.N n n N Semantic actions Lesion = enlargement Lesion = narrowing wsym = wsym + wh hsym = hsym + hh
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Figure 14.6 Results of disease symptom recognition and understanding in the images of the spinal cord.
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8. Conclusions
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The presented methods of structural cognitive analysis are basically an attempt at automating the specifically human process of understanding the medical meaning of various organ shapes on a digital image; they are not only an attempt at simple recognition. In particular, a diagnosis may result from such an automatic understanding of shape; it is also possible to draw other numerous medical conclusions. This information may supply a method of treatment, that is, different types of therapy may be recommended depending on the shape and pathological localization described in the grammar. The results obtained from the application of the characterized methods confirm the immense potential of syntactical methods in the diagnosis of cardiac ischemic diseases, urinary tract disabilities and inflammation and neoplasm processes in the pancreas, as well as lesions of the central nervous system. The syntactic methods of pattern recognition presented in this chapter have many applications in the field of artificial intelligence and medical IT, especially in the fields of computer medical imaging
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and computer-aided diagnosis. The methods, originating from mathematical linguistics, allow us not only to diagnose and create formal and advanced descriptions for complicated shapes of disease symptoms carrying diagnostic information. They can also be used to create intelligent computer systems constructed for the purpose of image perception: allowing us to obtain a definition and machineinterpretation of the semantic contents of the examined image. These systems may assist the operation of medical robots widely used in the operational field in various surgeries. They can also constitute an integral part of CAD systems or intelligent information systems managing pictorial medical databases located (scattered) in various places [36 38].
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