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Final Analysis
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As a newer entrant into the server virtualization space, Microsoft will still, no doubt, make a huge impact. The initial Virtual Server offering may lack the performance benefits of a hypervisor approach, but has still made strong inroads. This is likely due to the fact that it is available for free, and that it allows Windows users to move into virtualization and start to reap the benefits while staying in the comfort zone of the Windows environment. With the addition of Virtual Machine Manager and Windows Server Virtualization in Longhorn, Microsoft will begin to catch up with the other hypervisor approaches and management tools. The licensing of VHD will create a mini ecosystem around Microsoft virtualization, enabling third parties to succeed in delivering other products, such as advanced management tools for Microsoft and Xen products. It will be interesting to see where the application virtualization goes as well; it may be an area of differentiation, right up the Microsoft alley.
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XenSource, founded in early 2005, has a dual role as a leader in the Xen open source community as the distributor of the Xen (free) hypervisor, and as a software vendor developing and selling value-add virtualization management solutions around the Xen technology. Through both efforts, XenSource evangelizes the benefits of virtualization across all markets. Xen also pioneered the paravirtualization approach to server virtualization, offering significant performance improvements for guest OS environments where the source could be modified to use the paravirtualization API.
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Part IV
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The World According to Xen
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The Xen community was originally created by the founders of XenSource to develop a virtualization hypervisor that would become ubiquitous across all markets. The Xen project includes such vendors as AMD, Intel, Cisco, Dell, Egenera, HP, IBM, Mellanox, NetApp, Novell, Red Hat, Sun, Symantec/Veritas, Voltaire, and XenSource, with new vendors becoming involved daily. One of the primary goals of Xen is to provide a common feature set for the nextgeneration virtualization architecture, with near bare-metal performance. Xen continues to lead the paravirtualization hypervisor effort, and is achieving great success via partnerships with Microsoft, Novell, and Red Hat. SUSE Linux Enterprise 10, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenSolaris, and Solaris 10 are shipping or will soon ship with Xen integrated. XenSource s strategic partnership with Microsoft will allow Xen-enabled Linux guests to run paravirtualized under the Windows Hypervisor (Viridian) just as it does under Xen. (Viridian and Xen are both paravirtualizing hypervisors.) A Xen-enabled Linux guest will use native Xen hypercalls to access virtualization functions, and a small adapter will translate the Xen hypercalls into Viridian hypercalls. With both AMD-V and Intel VT chips offering hardware virtualization assist, guest operating systems now can run unmodified on Xen, as well. The Xen 3.0 hypervisor is quickly becoming the basis for nearly all hypervisor implementations.
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Virtualization Management
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A hypervisor is only part of the virtualization story. The higher-level management capabilities are the more interesting part. XenSource has developed XenEnterprise to be the complementary management interface for Xen. XenEnterprise helps customers install and configure the Xen hypervisor, what XenSource calls 10 minutes to Xen. It also helps customers move their applications from a purely physical server environment to a virtual environment (P2V), as well as perform other management tasks such as VM provisioning/reprovisioning and guest OS configuration/reconfiguration and scheduling. LiveMigrate provides the ability to move a running virtual machine from one system to another. All management is done in compliance with the DMTF CIM standards for visibility to other management platforms, such as HP OpenView or Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM).
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Final Analysis
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XenSource is doing a great job of making Xen a de facto industry standard for hypervisor virtualization. Their deep understanding of the technology and its capabilities puts them in an excellent position to partner and create solutions for managing both the hypervisor and the virtual environment.
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