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Management as Differentiator
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As other virtualization options begin to take hold, VM management will become the key differentiator. At the outset, VMware comes in way ahead, with a full suite of management offerings ranging from base-level management of virtual machines through highly sophisticated functionality, including automated VM failover and automated resource scheduling across VMs. VMware offered its first virtual machine management product in 2003, with the release of its VirtualCenter management product, allowing management of a group of ESX or GSX servers from a single console (single pane of glass). VirtualCenter provides the ability to start and stop VMs, look at performance and utilization, set thresholds, and easily provision new VMs with templates. VMotion provides the ability to move a running VM from one physical server to another for example, for maintenance or load balancing. VMware s Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) is yet another way to manage loads. DRS allows for the creation of resource pools that can span servers and define CPU and memory policies so that VMs are automatically migrated from one server to another based on utilization targets. Complementing DRS is VMware s HA feature that will restart a VM on another host if the original host fails. Rounding out the list of VMware s enterprise features is its Consolidated Backup tool that provides backup hooks for the major backup software packages. VMware bundles together ESX, VMFS, Virtual SMP, VirtualCenter, HA, DRS, VMotion,
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Part IV
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and Consolidated Backup as VMware Virtual Infrastructure (VI). VI is purchased by 80% of VMware s customers, according to VMware. In 2006, VMware also opened up their virtual machine disk-format specification (which describes and documents the virtual machine environment and how it is stored). This allows partner vendors (such as Altiris, BMC, PlateSpin, Surgient, and Symantec) to add value to the VMware environment through development of complementary products, including automation and management tools.
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Final Analysis
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VMware essentially created the x86 virtualization market and has continued to dominate it, with an estimated 55% share of the market (45% using or planning to use ESX, and an additional 10% using or planning to use VMware Server). As other hypervisor options become available, VMware will no longer be the only game in town, but it still has a substantial lead, particularly in management. Competition will serve only to make things better for the users, as feature wars get serious and low-cost and/or free options drive prices down. Web Pages qrcode developmentin .net
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SWsoft s Virtuozzo takes a different approach from most other server virtualization vendors, and has had a great deal of success doing it, with over 1,000 customers using Virtuozzo on more than 10,000 servers and 400,000 virtual environments (the Virtuozzo equivalent of VMs). Virtuozzo is based on operating-system-level virtualization, sometimes called partitioning, and SWsoft currently has over 30 patents pending on its technology. Although SWsoft has no official numbers to quote, as of 2006 they believe they are number two in market share after VMware (though according to Yankee Group the numbertwo position has gone to Microsoft with 29% share since Virtual Server was made available for free). Strategic relationships with Intel and Microsoft, including investment from Intel Capital (among others), have helped move SWsoft and its version of virtualization toward success.
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Performance and Manageability
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Virtuozzo s approach melds aspects of both hypervisors and hosted approaches, to offer many of the benefits of both. Based on a thin customized version of Linux 2.6.8 as the core, it introduces very low overhead and is extremely efficient, similar to a hypervisor approach. Unlike hypervisors, however, rather than each virtual environment (VE) containing an entire virtual machine, each VE is a partitioned version of either Linux or Windows,
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Key Vendor and Product Analysis
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appearing like a separate OS. This lack of duplication in operating systems adds to Virtuozzo s efficiency. According to SWsoft, it is possible to deploy up to hundreds of VEs on a regular two-way server. A server can run VEs with either Linux or Windows, but not both simultaneously. If necessary, any individual VE can use the full resources of the physical server during a spike in activity. There are numerous manageability benefits as well. Since there is only a single operating system to maintain, management is simplified. For example, one update can patch multiple VEs on multiple servers. VEs can also be moved from one physical server to another, even if the servers do not share storage. This live migration process is also very efficient since it does not involve moving the whole OS. In addition, Virtuozzo offers highly granular resource management, with the ability to modify CPU, memory, disks, I/O allocation, and so on, with a total of over 30 parameters. These capabilities will be the foundation for policy-based management going forward. For example, policies could be set to give preference to a particular VE, or cap a VE at a certain level to prevent a single VE from taking over too many resources. Management controls are established using role-based administration, allowing distributed roles with varying levels of control over specific VEs. Virtuozzo also includes both P2V and V2V tools. In late 2006, SWsoft declared its intention to provide tools to manage other virtualized environments from other vendors, including VMware- and Xen-based virtualization.
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