Evolution of Blade and Virtualization Technologies in .NET

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Evolution of Blade and Virtualization Technologies
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Data Center in a Box
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A newer trend in blade usage comes from the modularity and simplicity of blade server systems. Because blade systems have the ability to house a group of servers and switches with minimal cabling and strong remote-management capabilities, they are an excellent solution for remote offices/mini data centers. As a result, numerous solutions have come to market, following the data center in a box and retail store in a box models. These solutions package together a variety of servers, each performing different functions. For example, a chassis may contain one blade that serves as a web server, one or two blades performing as application servers running software such as BEA or SAP, one or more database server blades, and blades for middleware, along with the appropriate switch modules. A number of components may be included for various types of uses. (Examples might include firewalls, VPNs, and load balancers.) This data center in a box can be dropped into a remote location and managed remotely.
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Firewall/VPN Blades
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When a blade system is used in the Data Center in a Box scenario, security is often a key requirement. As with any remote server environment, there is a need to provide a firewall and possibly a VPN. These solutions are provided through security software operating on a standard blade server, from security vendors such as Check Point.
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Load-Balancing Blades
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As part of delivering scale-out applications and in remote data centers where multiple servers are running the same application, a load-balancing function is needed to manage the distribution of work across multiple servers. The load balancer acts as a virtual server, representing and responding to a single IP address and port, and distributing the requests to a selected physical server within the blade farm. A variety of layer 4 7 switch modules from vendors such as F5 and Radware are available for blade systems to provide these types of services, as well as host-based load-balancing solutions.
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Ruggedized Portable Computing
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Another successful extension of the Data Center in a Box solution is for situations requiring ruggedization for remote locations. Examples of these include blades systems for use on a ship, for military applications, for seismic simulations, and so on.
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Part I
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Technology Evolution
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Benefits of Blades and Virtualization
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With all this as a backdrop, it is now useful to look more deeply at the reasons introduced earlier for considering blades and virtualization as complementary technologies. Although some of these have not changed since the initial vision of blades and server virtualization in the early 2000s, additional benefits have emerged and/or become more significant as the technology has evolved. Additionally, significant cost-reduction benefits can be achieved from implementing blades and virtualization, but it is not all about cost. Benefits of implementing blade technology include the following:
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Space savings and efficiency, packing more computing power into a smaller area Consolidation of servers to improve and centralize management as well as to improve utilization of computer assets Simplification and reduction in complexity (modularity, ease of integration, prewired configurations, shared components), ease of deployment, and improved manageability and serviceability ROI and improved TCO (increased hardware utilization, reduced OpEx)
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Packing more computing power into a smaller space was one of the main initial reasons for deploying blades. This reason is still significant for many data centers that are out of room. In an IDC survey of enterprise data centers in Europe in 2005, users ranked floor space as their number-two issue, surrounded by powerrelated issues as the number-one and number-three choices (see Figure 3.6). As IT organizations have responded to ever-increasing demands for additional processing power and storage capacity, many data centers have grown their IT hardware to the point of maxing out their floor space as well as their power and cooling capacity. In many cases, blade systems offer help in this area by providing a way to replace larger rack servers with the same or greater capacity in a smaller footprint. In fact, as blade vendors have implemented faster processors, two-way processors, and dual-core processors (with quadcore processors in 2007), the computing power per square foot has increased significantly over early blade systems. For instance, 60 blade servers might now fit in the same physical space as 42 rack-mounted servers (these numbers vary from vendor to vendor). In some cases, users have been able to buy back space in the data center by converting rack servers to blade servers. This may allow IT to postpone or even eliminate the cost of building a new data center that would otherwise have been required. In addition, significant space savings may be accomplished through consolidation via virtualization.
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