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BSD Berkeley Software Distribution (aka Berkeley UNIX) was one of the first variants of UNIX developed and distributed by The University of California at Berkeley. bypass airflow Created when cool air is not getting to the air intakes of the computer equipment but is instead bypassing the intended route through leaks, cable cutouts, holes under cabinets, or improperly placed vented tiles. CAN A Cluster Area Network connects computing clusters together to increase performance and availability (aka cLAN). CapEx Capital expenditures are expenses associated with the purchase or upgrade of equipment (physical assets). CD-ROM Compact disk Read-Only Memory is a data-storage medium that once written to can only be read, unlike tape or hard disk drives, which can be written to many times (as can CD-RW, compact disk read-write). CFM Cubic feet per minute (cfm) is a unit for measuring air flow, which is critically important in cooling data centers, particularly with high-density such as blade systems. CFS A Cluster File System is a peer-to-peer shared file system used with clusters. chassis A blade chassis is the frame into which blade components are slid. Includes the midplane or backplane. Components can include CPU blades, network components, storage blades, I/O interfaces, and so on. CIFS Common Internet File System is a protocol developed by Microsoft for file-sharing across systems. CIM The Common Information Model is an object-oriented information model defined by the DMTF that defines not only a common set of objects, but also their properties, methods, and associations. This allows management systems to have a common set of objects to manage using a well-understood set of semantics. CLI A command-line interface is a way to interact with a computer to initiate a program or application by typing in the program/command/ application name and any arguments. cold aisle Cold aisles are used in a data center layout where, instead of all equipment facing the same direction, equipment is installed in rows facing each other. Cold aisles are the aisles where the equipment racks are facing each other and are created with vented floor tiles that allow cool air to come up from under the raised floor, so the cool air goes into the front of the racks and out the back into the hot aisles.
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CPU The central processing unit (aka processor) interprets program instructions and acts on data. CRAC A computer room air conditioner is a large-scale airconditioning unit designed for cooling data centers. DAS Direct-attached storage is storage, such as disk or tape, that is directly attached to the computer rather than being accessed through a network (SAN/NAS). DASD A Direct Access Storage Device is a disk storage device, which can be accessed directly rather than sequentially, like tape. daughter card Also know as a mezzanine card, a daughter card is a special-purpose card that attaches to (and sits on top of) a processor board, blade, or motherboard. Examples of daughter cards include network cards, high-end graphics cards, HBAs, and HCAs. DFS Distributed File System is a file system whose metadata is replicated across several systems so the data can be seen and shared by all the systems. Distributed file systems are often used in cluster environments. DFT Distributed Function Terminals are terminals that include some level of intelligence or distributed capability, off-loading some of the processing functions from the computer to which they are attached. disaggregation Breaking up into pieces. Server disaggregation is slicing up the server resources to be shared by multiple virtual environments. DMA Direct memory access allows certain hardware subsystems (disk, network, graphics, and so on) to read and write to memory bypassing the CPU. DMTF The Distributed Management Task Force is the industry organization leading the development of management standards and integration technology for enterprise and Internet environments. dual-core A chip in which two processing units (cores) are combined to fit into a single chip socket to deliver close to twice the computing power (typically 1.8 times) in the same footprint. This may involve slowing down the clock speed of the chip (in GHz), which results in cooler operation. dual-ported A computer component with two ports for communicating. Two ports are used for redundancy; in case one port fails, the other port can continue to work (referenced with HBAs, HCAs, and NICs). E-port An expansion port is the type of port used between two Fibre Channel switches. The link between two E-ports is also known as an InterSwitch Link or ISL.
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