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Verari Systems is certified and authorized to install a wide variety of software packages. Currently, Verari Systems blade servers can run popular packages such as VMware and Landmark s GeoProbe.
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Operating Systems Supported
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Operating systems supported include the following:
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CentOS Fedora Core Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Red Hat Enterprise Linux SUSE Linux
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Verari Systems is leading the way into enabling the data center of the future with core technologies that matter to today s Fortune 500 companies. These technologies include virtualization, integrated storage, remote desktop over IP, remote management, and portability. Over the course of the next several years, Verari Systems will continue to refine its patented Vertical Cooling Technology, industry-leading energy efficiency, and increased density solutions.
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Appendix A
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Vendor and Product Information
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Virtual Iron
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At a Glance
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Company name: Virtual Iron HQ address: 900 Chelmsford Street Lowell, MA 01851 Contact: Antonio Faillace, Website: Date founded: March 2003 GA date of virtualization solution:
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Virtual Iron 1.0 August 2005; Virtual Iron 3.0 November 2006
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Number of employees: 50 Revenue and customer base: Confidential Industry awards/recognition: Please go to news_events/industry-recognition.cfm. Targeted markets: Enterprise Global 2000 customers Types of solutions offered: Blade servers PC blades/thin clients Processor chipsets Blade switch modules High-speed interconnects (InfiniBand, 10 GigE, FC) Virtualization software Clustering software Management software Power & cooling solutions
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Company Description
Virtual Iron provides enterprise-class software solutions for creating and managing virtual infrastructure in the data center. The company s software enables companies to dramatically reduce the complexity and cost of managing and operating their industry-standard data-center infrastructure.
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Product Information
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Virtual Iron is focused on delivering advanced virtualization capabilities that leverage industry standards, open source, and processors with built-in hardware-assisted virtualization, unlike other proprietary expensive solutions in the market.
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Part V
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Global 2000 companies use Virtual Iron s software for consolidation, rapid provisioning, business continuity, workload management, and policy-based automation to deliver dramatic improvements in utilization, manageability, and agility. With Virtual Iron solutions customers can
Improve the utilization of current systems and get more out of today s fast industry-standard hardware via partitioning and consolidation Quickly and economically set up development, test, and production environments via rapid provisioning capabilities Recover from failures quickly, reliably, and cost-efficiently via high availability and disaster-recovery capabilities Optimally match the capacity of your resources to workload demands (optimize your equipment for efficiency) via workload- and capacitymanagement capabilities Reduce the human labor needed (thereby reducing human error) via policy-based automation
Partners (Technology, OEMs, and Resellers)
Please go to:
Blade System(s) Supported
Virtual Iron supports industry-standard servers from IBM, HP, Dell, and Sun based on Intel VT and AMD-V processors.
Operating Systems Supported
32- and 64-bit Red Hat 4 Red Hat 3 Novell SLES 9 32-bit Windows 2000 Windows 2003
Appendix A
Vendor and Product Information
VMware, Inc.
At a Glance
Company name: VMware, Inc. HQ address: 3145 Porter Drive Palo Alto, CA 94304 Contact info: Sales: 1-877-486-9273 or Website: Date founded: Founded in 1998 and is run as an independent subsidiary of EMC (acquired January 2004) GA date of virtualization software (first commercial shipment): 1999 Number of employees: 2000 Revenue and customer base:
2005 revenue: $387 million; current run rate: $630 million 20,000 enterprise customers
Industry awards/recognition:
eWeek Influential Products of the last 25 Years, July 2006 (VMware x86 Virtualization) 2006 Horizon Awards Winner, August 2006 (VMware s VMware DRS) JOLT Product Excellence Award, March 2006 (VMware Technology Network Subscription) InfoWorld Technology of the Year Best Desktop and Server Virtualization Products, January 2006 (VMware Workstation, VMware ESX Server, VMware VirtualCenter) Redmond Magazine Readers Choice Award, May 2006 (VMware Workstation) Network Computing 12th Annual Well-Connected Awards, April 2006 (VMware GSX Server 3.2) SD Times 100, 2006 (VMware, Tools and Environments) ServerWatch Product Awards, June 2006 (VMware ESX Server, the Most Innovation Virtualization and Clustering Tool) Lotus Advisor Editors Choice Awards, 2006 (VMware Workstation)
Part V
Types of solutions offered: Blade servers PC blades/thin clients Processor chipsets Blade switch modules High-speed interconnects (InfiniBand, 10 GigE, FC) Virtualization software Clustering software Management software Power & cooling solutions
Company Description
VMware was founded in 1998 to bring virtual machine technology to industry-standard offerings. VMware shipped its first product, VMware Workstation, in 1999 and entered the server market in 2001 with VMware GSX Server and VMware ESX Server. VMware went on to launch VMware VirtualCenter with VMotion, moving beyond platform virtualization and leveraging that platform to handle system-infrastructure services in an automated, distributed, and ultimately more powerful way. In 2004 VMware extended the enterprise desktop platform to solve security and remote management problems with the introduction of VMware ACE. In June 2006, the company shipped VMware Infrastructure 3, which is a fully distributed and automated comprehensive virtualization software suite allowing large-scale enterprises and small businesses alike to optimize and manage their IT environments with unprecedented ease and power. More than 4 million users and 20,000 enterprises, including 99 of the Fortune 100, use VMware software for projects ranging from creating small- and medium-sized business solutions to forming the strategic backbone of enterprise infrastructure for Global 1000 companies. VMware desktop and server customers have become evangelistic about the flexibility, ROI, and new capabilities they have benefited from in deploying VMware s high-quality products for test and development, desktop manageability, security, and interoperability. In addition, customers have realized across-the-board strategic gains with savings in power, space, hardware, and time coupled with new and leapfrog-better system infrastructure services such as load balancing, high availability, and backup.