WHERE Company.CompanyID = Employee.CompanyID in Java

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WHERE Company.CompanyID = Employee.CompanyID
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This was the condition used to give us only those rows from both tables where the CompanyID values in the Company table equaled the CompanyID values in the Employee table. This syntax is simple to understand, and for this reason, most people learn SQL by writing their joins in the WHERE clauses, but you can (and should) use a more modern and flexible syntax, known as SQL-92, that to produce relational queries. Listing 5-2 shows how our earlier SQL statement looks expressed in SQL-92 syntax.
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Listing 5-2: Listing 5-1 expressed in SQL-92 syntax
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SELECT Company.CompanyID, Company.CompanyName, Employee.Lastname, Employee.Firstname, Employee.Salary FROM Company INNER JOIN Employee ON Company.CompanyID = Employee.CompanyID ORDER BY Company.CompanyName, Employee.Lastname, Employee.Firstname
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The code changes very little and is still understandable especially after you learn the differences between the different types of joins (inner joins, left outer joins, and so on). But you gain quite a lot by using SQL-92 syntax, such as the capability to easily change join types and the capability to easily and accurately describe even the most complicated multitable result sets. You should get in the habit of writing your statements that contain relational joins by using SQL-92 syntax if your database supports it. Now that you have a basic overview of what the relational part of a relational database is and the basics of how to perform a query against it, you can move on to an overview of the SQL language itself.
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An Overview of Structured Query Language (SQL)
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SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a common language for querying and manipulating data. As have all standards, SQL has gone through a number of revisions to take advantage of new functionality and to incorporate better methods. Some database server products support the very latest standards, but most don t. The standard that we explain here is the SQL92 Standard, which is currently in use at least to some extent by the majority of database products on the market as of this writing.
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Part I Getting Started with ColdFusion MX
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If your database product doesn t support the SQL-92 join syntax (most notably, Oracle 8i doesn t), it instead supports some manner of encoding special character sequences into the WHERE clause to create different types of joins. If so, substitute the appropriate WHERE clause for the type of join that you want to perform.
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SELECT Statements
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You use SELECT statements to query the database and return a set of results. Listing 5-3, for example, returns the CompanyID, CompanyName, Address, City, State, and ZipCode columns of all rows in the Company table:
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Listing 5-3: A simple SELECT statement
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SELECT CompanyID, CompanyName, Address, City, State, ZipCode FROM Company
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Figure 5-5 shows what that result set from this listing looks like.
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Figure 5-5: The result set from Listing 5-3. The most important step toward writing perfect SELECT statements is visualizing the true nature of the result set that you want returned to you. We cover visualization in more depth in 9, but for now, you should start with our first and most basic premise, as follows: All SQL query results are in the form of a single table of rows and columns. This statement holds true for every query regardless of whether the query concerns a single table or multiple joined tables, whether or not grouping or aggregate functions are used, or anything else. Even if the result set consists of a single value, it is still a table with a single column containing one row of data.
5 Learning a Little SQL
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This reality is in sharp contrast to the way that many people visualize a relational result set. Many envision their result set structured like the output from a report writer such as Crystal Reports, with headings, subtotals, grand totals, and so on. It is this incorrect visualization that often leads developers down the wrong road toward incorrectly written SQL statements that attempt to group and aggregate values in ways that approximate the printed report but that the database cannot process. Perhaps you ve at some point received an error back from your database similar to the following:
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Column Company.CompanyID is invalid in the select list because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause.
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If so, it is because you wrote an SQL statement that attempted to produce an impossible result set. We discuss what is and isn t possible with SELECT statements that use GROUP BY, HAVING, DISTINCT, and aggregate functions later on, in 9, but for now, we concentrate on writing a few more basic SELECT statements. Listing 5-3 seems simple enough, but what if you want only those columns for the one company with a CompanyID of 10 For that, you need to add a WHERE clause to the SQL statement, as shown in Listing 5-4.
Listing 5-4: Adding a WHERE clause to the SELECT statement returns only those rows that satisfy its criterion
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