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| COLUMN | EDIT maxRows = 100 notSupported = messageIfNoJava pictureBar = NO | YES insertButton = Insert deleteButton = Delete sortAscendingButton = A -> Z sortDescendingButton = Z -> A > ... </CFGRID> Cross References
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The user can select an entire column. The user can edit the grid s data; after the form is submitted, you can use CFGRIDUPDATE to update the database with any changes. Maximum number of rows displayed from query. If YES, grid uses images for the Insert, Delete, and Sort buttons. Text of the Insert button. Text of the Delete button. Text of the Sort Ascending button. Text of the Sort Descending button.
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Describes a column in the grid. Describes a row of data in the grid. Updates a database by using the data from an editable grid.
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Describes a column within a CFGRID control. Can be populated either with data from a database query or by using manual CFGRIDROW tags.
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<CFGRIDCOLUMN name = EmployeeName header = Employee Name width = 100 font = Arial fontSize = 12 italic = YES | NO bold = YES | NO textColor = Black bgColor = White href = EmpHomePage
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Name of the grid column. If the grid has a query attribute, the column name must match one in the query. Applies only if CFGRID s colHeaders attribute is YES.
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Page to link to if the user selects a cell in this column. If this attribute matches a column in CFGRID s query, the column value is used; otherwise, the literal text is used.
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hrefKey = AdditionalKeyValue target = windowName select = YES | NO
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Query column to use for CFGRIDKEY value if you don t want to use the cell contents. If YES, the user can select cells in this column. If NO, the user cannot select or edit cells in this column. Does not apply if CFGRID s SelectMode is ROW or BROWSE.
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If NO, this column is hidden. The value of this column is the name of an image, which is put in the cell rather than the specified value. The user can sort grid data by number. This column is displayed as a column of check boxes. The user can sort grid data as text without regard to case.
Part IX ColdFusion MX Language Reference
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headerFont = Arial headerFontSize = 12 headerItalic = NO | YES headerBold = NO | YES headerTextColor = Black dataAlign = LEFT | RIGHT | CENTER headerAlign = LEFT | RIGHT | CENTER numberFormat = ___,___.__ values = listOfDropDownItemValues
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Sets the text alignment within cells. The mask to use to format numeric values. If CFGRID s SelectMode = EDIT, this attribute makes this column s cells act the same as drop-down lists. Values is a comma-delimited list of option values, and valuesDisplay is a comma-delimited list of option text.
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valuesDisplay = listOfDropDownItemText valuesDelimiter = dropDownListDelimiter > Cross References
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If you d rather not use a comma as the values delimiter, specify a different one here.
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Describes the grid containing this column.
Describes a row of data in a CFGRID control.
<CFGRIDROW data = 123-45-6789,Charles,Jones > Cross References
A comma-delimited list of row data. Escape commas by doubling them.
Describes the grid containing this row.
Updates a database with the contents of a CFGRID control with a Select attribute of EDIT. Given the grid name, performs all necessary create, update, and delete operations.
<CFGRIDUPDATE grid = EmployeeGrid The name of the CFGRID performing this update. Notice that is uses no pound signs. dataSource = dataSourceName tableName = Employee userName = userName password = password tableOwner = ownerName If the owner of the table that you re updating is not the default user, specify
the owner here.
tableQualifier = databaseName keyOnly = NO | YES >
If you are updating a table in a different database than the default, specify the database name here. If YES, the updates will match their target rows only by key rather than by all columns.
51 Forms
Application Notes
The grid associated with this CFGRIDUPDATE must have its SelectMode set to EDIT. The grid from which this update gets its data.
Cross References
Creates an input control inside of a CFFORM. Can be used to create text input fields, radio buttons, check boxes, and password-input fields. All other types must use standard HTML INPUT tag.
<CFINPUT name = Salary type = TEXT | RADIO | CHECKBOX | PASSWORD value = #InitialValue# required = YES | NO range = 1,1000000 validate = DATE | EURODATE | TIME | FLOAT | INTEGER | TELEPHONE | ZIPCODE | CREDITCARD | SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER | REGULAR_EXPRESSION pattern = regularExpression
Name of the form control. Creates a text-input field. Creates a radio button. Creates a check box. Creates a password-input field.
If the value that the user enters is not between 1 and 1000000 at the moment when the form is submitted, he will see a JavaScript alert.
If Validate is REGULAR_EXPRESSION, this pattern is used. it must be compatible with JavaScript s RegEx syntax and you must omit the leading and trailing slashes.
onValidate = javascriptFunction(); message = messageToShowIfValidationFails onError = javascriptFunction(); size = 22 maxLength = 20 checked = NO | YES passThrough = style= font-weight:bold; >
The size of the input field. The maximum number of characters allowed in the input field. Valid only for check boxes and radio buttons. This value will be placed inside the HTML INPUT tag created by this call to CFINPUT. Notice that we escape double quotes here by doubling them.