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Verity Collections
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The Verity Collections page of ColdFusion Administrator (shown in Figure 43-15) enables you to manage your Verity collections. Here you can create new collections, or you can index, repair, optimize, purge, or delete an existing collection without resorting to writing code.
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Note This section assumes that you are familiar with Verity and its terminology. If you are not, please read the Verity section of 32.
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To create a new collection, just enter the name of the collection, the collection s language, and the name of the directory where you want the collection to be created. The default is cf_root\verity\collections. To index a collection, click the Index Collection icon next to the name of the collection that you want to index. (This icon is the farthest left.) The indexing utility in Administrator gives you the capability to do only a path index; if you want to use file or custom indexing you must use a manually coded call to CFINDEX. Occasionally, a collection may become unstable and start producing incorrect results. If this happens, try repairing the collection. (The icon that you click to start this task is the second from the left.) Repairing the collection may take a long time, so don t rush it, and especially don t try to do anything else with the collection until Administrator is finished. Optimizing a collection makes it run faster. To optimize a collection, click the middle icon next to the name of the collection. Optimizing the collection may take a few minutes. The fourth icon from the left purges the collection, removing all entries from the collection but leaving the empty collection intact. The last icon, next to the collection name, deletes the collection entirely. The bottom section of this Administrator page shows all collections currently available from an attached Verity K2 Server. No actions may be performed in this section, because K2 Collections are managed through an INI file as part of the setup process for Verity K2 Server.
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Part VIII ColdFusion MX Administration
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Figure 43-15: The Verity Collections page.
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Verity K2 Server
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The Verity K2 Server page of ColdFusion Administrator manages ColdFusion s connection to Verity K2 Server, the standalone server software that ships with ColdFusion as a highperformance alternative to ColdFusion Server s built-in Verity routines. This page is shown in Figure 43-16:
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Figure 43-16: The Verity K2 Server page. The Add Verity K2 Server section of the page is where you tell ColdFusion which K2 Server to connect to. You just need to specify the name (or IP address) and port number of the server where Verity K2 is running in the appropriate fields. Connected Verity Collections is a misnomer; it should be called Connected Verity Server. This section of the page tells you which K2 Server is currently connected to the ColdFusion Server and whether the K2 Server is online. You can disconnect from the K2 Server by clicking the red X next to the server name.
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43 An Overview of ColdFusion MX Administrator
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The Connected Verity K2 Collections section tells you which collections the K2 Server exposes. You can t do anything to maintain or modify these collections, because they are managed by K2 Server s INI file.
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Web Services
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The Web Services page of ColdFusion Administrator (shown in Figure 43-17) is where you manage ColdFusion s connections to Web services. This form has two sections: Add / Edit ColdFusion Web Service and Active ColdFusion Web Services.
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Figure 43-17: The Web Services page. The Add / Edit ColdFusion Web Service is where you set up the Web-service URLs and the usernames and passwords that they require. You can assign a name to a Web-service URL here and use the name as an alias in the Webservice attribute of your CFINVOKE tags. The username and password are passed to the Web service s basic authentication mechanism after a request for service is made. Active ColdFusion Web Services describes the Web services to which ColdFusion is currently subscribed. Each one can be edited, refreshed, or deleted. Refreshing a Web-service connection releases it from ColdFusion s cache, reestablishes the WSDL interface to that Web service, and keeps the Web service s name unchanged, whereas removing a Web service permanently removes its name.
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