See Ben Forta s Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes in Java

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See Ben Forta s Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes
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We know that listing a reference to a book may seem a strange tuning opportunity, but we really feel that many CF developers have only a passing understanding of the least amount of SQL that they need to know to just get by. Improving your SQL skills can help improve the performance of your applications. It s usually very easy to use after you know the solutions. The problem is that many CF developers never learn these solutions. Ben Forta s Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes does a great job of distilling the least that you need to know in working with basic SQL operations. Yet it also quickly moves past the basics into intermediate and (for some) rather advanced operations. Topics covered in the book that are worth learning include the use of aggregate functions (including the count(*) clause referred to in the preceding section), the use of inner and outer joins and unions, considering subqueries (in both SELECT and WHERE clauses), and so much more.
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Consider the effect of CFTRANSACTION s isolation level
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Use of isolation levels in CFTRANSACTION (and in database processing in general) is a topic that many developers don t seem to fully understand. If you re using the CFTRANSACTION tag to indicate that a series of database update operations should be executed in total or not at all, you need to understand the isolation level of the transaction. This level is a setting that you can control by using the Isolation attribute of CFTRANSACTION. If you don t specify this level, however, you leave yourself at the whim of the DBMS and/or database designer, each of which may provide a default value if you don t indicate one. The concept of isolation levels isn t unique to ColdFusion. Again, any good reference on SQL and database processing should explain the concept adequately. Learn about it and make a conscious, correct decision. Finally, while we re mentioning CFTRANSACTION, be careful not to use it if it s not really needed. Considerable overhead is involved in managing transactions.
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CFTRANSACTION is covered further in chapters 10 and 52.
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42 Testing and Performance
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Consider stored procedures for faster execution
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If your DBMS supports the feature known generically as stored procedures, you should seriously consider using them. These are discussed in 10. For many reasons, they can increase the performance of your SQL operations. The SQL book by Ben Forta that we mention in the section before last also does a good job explaining the benefits. Even if you re using a database such as Microsoft Access, which doesn t support true stored procedures, you can at least approximate them, as described in an October 1999 ColdFusion Developers Journal article Stored Procedures in Access Yes indeed! by Charles Arehart, at id=51.
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Datasource configuration
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Many developers and administrators make the mistaken assumption that there s nothing more to defining a datasource in ColdFusion than mapping a datasource name to a physical database name in the Administrator (a process discussed in 9). What they often miss are several available options under the Show Advanced Settings button on that datasource configuration screen in the CF Administrator. There are many alternatives presented there, but two that could have a performance impact are: Maintain Connections this option controls whether ColdFusion should keep a connection to a database once obtained. While the conventional wisdom is that you should maintain connections to improve performance, there have been documented instances where in some situations it is more effective to disable this option. See Macromedia TechNote at
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Limit Connections this option controls how many connections can be made to this datasource by multiple concurrently running users. These two settings are ones where you must determine for yourself the balance of setting the value either too high or too low. Use either a load testing tool, as discussed in the section Load-testing , or consider making the change in a testing environment and observe the performance impact while your application is tested. Be aware, too, that if you re using specific usernames and passwords within your CFQUERY tags, doing so causes new connections to be created for each user. If you can avoid that, you generally get better performance. Also, for more information on database connections, see the Macromedia TechNote How Are Database Connections Handled in ColdFusion at Handlers/index.cfm ID=22128&Method=Full. Still another choice to be made during datasource configuration is the type of database driver connection to be used. While it may seem obvious (since in CFMX most driver names match the database names), just be aware that in the Enterprise edition of CFMX you have the choice of Native drivers for Oracle, DB2, Informix, and Sybase.
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