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With the Web (and undoubtedly your own site) changing all the time, you can t expect all the hyperlinks on your pages to remain valid over time. Of course, links to pages outside your own site are obvious suspects for such change, but you or another developer in your environment can just as readily change files and directories within your own site and break some of your internal links. In Dreamweaver MX, you can find such broken links in an individual file or on an entire site by using the File Check Page Check Links command. Just as with the HTML-validation process that we describe in the section HTML validation, earlier in this chapter, Dreamweaver displays the results of such a test in the Results pane, and you can click the green triangle in the upper left corner of the pane to open a drop-down list, where you can indicate that you want to perform link checking against a specific file, selected files, or the entire site. You may notice a slight delay the first time that you use this Check Links option, as the program gathers a cache of all file names in the project. (This cache should speed up subsequent link-checking operations.) You will experience the delay only the first time you use this option after starting Dreamweaver. Here again, as discussed in Local testing tools, beware that simply checking your source code may not be as complete as checking the HTML output of your file after its execution by ColdFusion. If you re using HomeSite+/ColdFusion Studio, use the Tools Verify Links menu command for this same link-checking purpose. Finally, each of the Web-based tools that we list in the section Web-based testing tools, earlier in this chapter, offers link-checking validation as well.
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Another easily forgotten test involves ensuring that you don t have typographical and spelling mistakes on your pages. Everyone makes such mistakes, and Web pages often contain as much text as a letter or document. Typos can easily creep in, but testing for them is also easy. In DreamWeaver MX, use the Text Check Spelling menu command. In HomeSite+/ColdFusion Studio, use the Tools Spell Check menu command. The Web-based tools that listed in Web-based testing tools can also perform spell checking. Of course, since we ve talked about copy/pasting HTML output to an editor, it s reasonable to point out that you could also spell check your HTML by cutting and pasting it to a word
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processor (such as Microsoft Word), doing the spell check (Tools Spelling and Grammar) and correction there, then copy/pasting the code back into your editor.
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Document weight (download time) testing
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Because many developers work on their sites locally (with a ColdFusion server on their workstation or within their network) or have high-speed lines if working remotely, they often don t notice that the Web pages they design (or have ColdFusion generate dynamically) may be very large in terms of the amount of text, images, JavaScript, and other web page elements that they contain. For users visiting your site, who must await downloads of the page across the network and who may not have such high-speed lines, you need to consider the weight of your pages or, more precisely, the relative time that such pages take to download for various connection speeds. Dreamweaver MX constantly displays (in the right side of the status bar, just under the source code shown in the editing window) the estimated document size and estimated download time for the current page. (You can see this information in any of the figures in preceding sections of this chapter about halfway up the figure, on the right side.) More than just evaluating the page in terms of its HTML source code, Dreamweaver goes further in considering the size of all dependent files, such as images and media files (as in those referenced by img src tags). This addition of the size of dependent files in calculating the weight of the page is powerful! In fact, if you remove a line of code containing an img src tag, you see that removal immediately reflected in a reduction of the download size/time. Again, however, you must consider whether the page is generating still more HTML dynamically. Conversely, the value computed presumes that the user needs to download all the page s components (images, JavaScript source files if any, and so on). Keep in mind that, after a user downloads these components, they are not generally downloaded again because the user s browser caches them. Still, the information computing their total weight can prove useful. If a page s weight shows that it takes more than eight seconds to download, you should consider redesigning the page to reduce its overall weight. How does Dreamweaver determine the speed at which it estimates that downloads of the page would take place That s an option that you can control, by choosing Edit Preferences Status Bar from the menu bar. The display you will be shown is very simple to understand. The default speed is 28.8K per second, which may not be representative of your true audience. If you re using HomeSite+/ColdFusion Studio, you can achieve nearly the same result of determining the document s weight with the Tools Document Weight menu command. The resulting dialog box shows both the size of the file (and its dependencies) as well as estimated download times, although it s present to estimate times only for 14K, 28K, and 56K connections, and you cannot change the values. Finally, the Web-based tools can also perform document weight testing. In addition, it s worth noting that most of the load testing tools discussed in the later section, Load-testing, also have bandwidth- or data rate-throttling mechanisms to simulate testing your applications with different simulated bandwidth rates. The tests that we describe in the next several sections evaluate how your coding designs may work with various settings that visitors to your site may use in their browser and browserenvironment configurations. These types of problems are easier to miss because, unless you hear people complaining about them, you may never realize that an issue exists but better that you detect these problems before a user does. For every user who does complain, many, many more may simply walk away from your site.
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