Customized tag editors in Java

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Customized tag editors
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Tag editors in ColdFusion Studio enable you to write your code more quickly by filling in dialog boxes rather than manually typing in tag names, attribute names, and other easily misspelled code. Unfortunately, most developers we ve spoken with have never used their tag editors, and some didn t even know they existed. We started using them in daily development to ensure that we didn t miss (or misspell) an attribute, but after we learned that we could customize the tag editors behavior, we continued to use them even more to speed our coding.
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41 ColdFusion Studio and HomeSite+ Tips and Tricks
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Figure 41-1: Enhancing ColdFusion Studio s color scheme with F5 yellow comments. You can customize tag editors in many ways, but the most popular involve adding default values to the attributes generated by the editor and modifying a generated tag s multiline indenting format. Everything is controlled through a language called Virtual Tools Markup Language, or VTML for short. Follow these steps to give it a whirl: 1. For a typical installation, tag editors are located inside c:\Program Files\ Macromedia\ColdFusion Studio 5\Extensions\TagDefs\CFML\. so go into this directory and open cfquery.vtm. Note that if you have applied the ColdFusion MX tag updaters, this file may be marked as read-only; unset the read-only flag on this file by right-clicking the file and choosing Properties, unchecking the Read Only check box, then clicking OK, before continuing. 2. Look for the following lines of code:
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<CONTROL NAME= txtDataSource TYPE= TextBox ANCHOR= lblDataSource CORNER= NE WIDTH= 160 /> . . . <CONTROL NAME= txtUsername TYPE= TextBox ANCHOR= lblUsername CORNER= NE WIDTH= MAXIMUM /> . . . <CONTROL NAME= txtPassword TYPE= TextBox ANCHOR= lblPassword CORNER= NE WIDTH= MAXIMUM />
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Change those lines to look as follows:
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<CONTROL NAME= txtDataSource TYPE= TextBox ANCHOR= lblDataSource CORNER= NE WIDTH= 160 value= #Request.MainDSN# />
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Part VII ColdFusion MX Development Practices
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TYPE= TextBox ANCHOR= lblUsername value= #Request.UserName# /> TYPE= TextBox ANCHOR= lblPassword value= #Request.Password# />
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3. Save cfquery.vtm and close it. 4. Create a new document in ColdFusion Studio by clicking the New Document button on the toolbar. 5. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C anywhere in the ColdFusion Studio interface. (This key combination clears ColdFusion Studio s VTML cache, making it such that Studio will recognize the changes you ve made to the tag editor. Note that you will not see any immediate results when you use this key combination.) 6. Type <CFQUERY in the main code editing window and press Ctrl-F4 or right-click the CFQUERY tag you just began typing and choose Edit Current Tag from the pop-up menu that appears. (This will launch the tag editor for CFQUERY.) 7. You should see the new values for Data Source, User Name, and Password already populated in their respective fields in the tag editor, as shown in Figure 41-2. Enter the query name in the Query Name field and click OK. If you customize your tag editors to automatically supply your most commonly used values, and if you start to use your tag editors religiously, you can code faster and with fewer errors.
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Figure 41-2: Customized CFQUERY Tag Editor with default values.
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41 ColdFusion Studio and HomeSite+ Tips and Tricks
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Default template
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Do all your code pages have a common header If they do, don t tell us that you create the header every time that you create a new page. You can let Studio create the header every time for you by following these steps to create a new default template: 1. Create the page that you want to serve as the new default template by using the New Document button on ColdFusion Studio s toolbar, type the code that will appear in the default template, and save the new document on your local drive. 2. Choose Options Settings from the ColdFusion Studio menu bar. 3. Select the Locations node in the tree on the left-hand side of the Settings dialog that appears. 4. In the Default Template section of the right-hand side of the Settings dialog, enter the full path and file name of the file that you just created (or use the browse button to choose the file as shown in Figure 41-3), and click OK. 5. After you press Ctrl+N, your new default page should appear in the main code editing window.
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