Integrating Security in Java

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Integrating Security
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hroughout the book you ve seen how easily you can create applications by using ColdFusion for example, those designed for presenting and/or updating critical information in your organization s databases. Forgetting that you need to protect those applications and ensure that only authorized users can access them, however, can also prove all too easy. You may want to secure your site so that it s accessible only by users who log in, or authenticate themselves. Or maybe even logged-in users shouldn t see a portion of your site (such as an administrative module) or even just one or a set of pages (such as a membershipinformation update process or some premium content) unless they re also specifically authorized to do so.
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Login Processing with CFLOGIN and CFLOGINUSER Logout Processing with CFLOGOUT, Timeout, and Browser Close Prompting the User for Username and Password, Several Ways Validating a Username and Password Controlling Permissions with Roles
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These two subjects, authentication and authorization, are separate matters, although people often focus only on the first. In this chapter, we discuss how to enable both types of security in your application. More important, we discuss them in the context of the new CFLOGIN and related tags provided in CF MX.
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Authenticating Users: Login Processing
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In traditional web application authentication, a user who tries to access a restricted site, portion, or page is prompted to log in by entering a username (or perhaps simply an e-mail address) and a password. From there, the remainder of the user s attempts to access restricted pages should also ensure that that user has indeed gone through that authentication process and, further, that if he doesn t use the site for some time period, his authenticated status is revoked. Prior to CF MX, CF developers were left to devise their own strategies for performing authentication and tracking a user s authenticated status. For developer familiar with that approach, the use of session variables imposed some limitations. These limitations have been addressed and an easier process of authenticating introduced in CF MX with the new CFLOGIN and related tags. And if you re familiar with the previously available notion of Advanced Security from ColdFusion 4 and 5, as well as its available CFAUTHENTICATE tag and IsAuthenticated() function, among others, you also need to know that those elements are no longer supported in ColdFusion MX. The good news, however, is that the CFLOGIN approach does add useful new features to make up for some of that loss.
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Part VII ColdFusion MX Development Practices
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We introduce this new mechanism slowly in this chapter, building on steps that lead to a complete authentication system by the time that we re finished. This is not just for newcomers to ColdFusion, but also developers with experience in using the old approaches to authentication. We ve seen too many discussions of this new approach to authentication that offer only a single example and a couple paragraphs of explanation. Maybe the assumption in such cases is that any CF developer can take that ball and run with it, but as we ve explored these features, we ve learned that an awful lot about the fact that how they work isn t obvious and isn t documented. By walking through this process slowly, we hope to share with you some observations in a way that makes sense as you re learning each aspect of the new feature.
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Assume for the moment that you have created a directory called secured in which to place templates that users can t access unless they are authenticated, or logged in. How nice if that were all that you needed to do It is possible. You just need to take a couple more steps, as we shall see. Go ahead and create a new directory named secured under the directory where your ColdFusion code is placed (use Windows Explorer or whatever tool you use to create directories). There s nothing special about that directory name, but it serves as an apt example for these purposes. In that directory, create an Application.cfm. You learn in s 2 and 19 that this special file is one that gets executed any time that a ColdFusion template is requested by the user; it s an excellent place, therefore, to put authentication code that makes sure that the user is authenticated before enabling him to continue.
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