38-7: Calling the fusebox as a custom tag in Java

Generator Quick Response Code in Java 38-7: Calling the fusebox as a custom tag
Listing 38-7: Calling the fusebox as a custom tag
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<cfcase value= new > <cfmodule template= #Fusebox.rootPath##self# fuseaction= Employee.new returnAs= employeeID > <cfinclude template= dsp_SalariedWorker.cfm > </cfcase>
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This code is placed in the FBX_Switch.cfm file for the circuit, SalariedWorker. After the fuseaction, Employee.new, is executed, Employee s FBX_Switch.cfm itself makes a call to the fusebox by using the cfmodule tag this time requesting the fuseaction, Person.new. But the code for SalariedWorker.new doesn t need to know about this recursive call. The original fuseaction (SalariedWorker.new) makes a single request and expects to get back an employee ID, having specified the variable name for the employee ID by using the returnAs attribute. In ColdFusion MX, you have a more capable mechanism available to you ColdFusion components (CFCs). Here, we discuss one way of using CFCs with Fusebox. (There is wide anticipation of a Fusebox MX version that will be released at some point. For updates on this, see www.halhelms.com.) We use the SalariedEmployee circuit to show how to call the entire fusebox as a custom tag, so the following snippet uses HourlyEmployee to illustrate how to use CFCs to achieve the same results.
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Part VII ColdFusion MX Development Practices
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<cfinvoke component= MyApp.Person.Employee.HourlyWorker.Circuit method= #Fusebox.fuseaction# >
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This code calls a file called Circuit.cfc in the directory MyApp/Person/Employee/ HourlyWorker. Listing 38-8 shows the partial contents of Circuit.cfc.
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Listing 38-8: Circuit.cfc in the HourlyEmployee circuit
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<cfcomponent> <cffunction name= new > <cfinvoke component= MyApp.Circuit method= doFuseaction returnVariable= employeeID fuseaction= Employee.new > <cfinclude template= dsp_HourlyWorker.cfm > </cffunction> ... </cfcomponent>
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This calls the Circuit.cfc file in the home circuit, as shown in Listing 38-9.
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Listing 38-9: Circuit.cfc in the MyApp circuit
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<cfcomponent output= yes > <cffunction name= doFuseaction access= remote > <cfargument name= fuseaction type= string required= true > <cfset attributes.fuseaction = arguments.fuseaction> <cfinclude template= FBX_Fusebox30_CF50.cfm > <cfparam name= returnValue type= string default= NULL > <cfreturn returnValue> </cffunction> </cfcomponent>
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This CFC has a single <cffunction>, called doFuseaction. It expects an argument, fuseaction, to be passed into it. It uses the value of arguments.fuseaction to set a variable, attributes.fuseaction. The core file is then included and the value of returnValue is returned. If returnValue is not set during the course of executing the fuseaction, the string, NULL is returned. In the case of HourlyWorker.new, however, the expected returnValue is set as a result of calling Employee.new.
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38 Advanced Fusebox
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Recursively Calling the Fusebox
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Because a user can t be expected to type a URL that includes the appropriate fuseaction, the architect must specify a default fuseaction to be used if none is provided. This is usually done in the FBX_Settings.cfm file of the home circuit. Astute readers may have noticed that, in the example provided in the 37 the default fuseaction set in the home circuit belonged to the attributes scope (as shown in Listing 37-5). This may seem odd, as the attributes scope is used only with custom tag calls. Refer back to Listing 38-7, however, and you see that you call the fusebox as a custom tag through a <cfmodule> call. Something slightly odd is happening: You are calling the fusebox from within the fusebox that is, you are calling it recursively. The following two code snippets show two different ways of making a request for the fuseaction, Products.checkInventory. The first snippet is the one used in the normal course of things.
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<form action= #self# method= post > <input type= hidden name= fuseaction value= World.hello >
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The second snippet shows the fusebox being called from within the fusebox a sometimesconfusing state of affairs known as recursion.
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<cfmodule template= #Fusebox.rootPath##self# fuseaction= World.hello >
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If the fusebox is called normally, as the first snippet shows, the variable, fusebox (along with any other variables similarly passed), belongs either to the URL scope or to the form scope. On the other hand, if the fusebox is called recursively, these variables are automatically placed into the attributes scope. This creates a problem for the core files how do they know in what scope to look The core Fusebox file, FBX_Fusebox30_CFnn.cfm, solves this problem by automatically copying both form and URL variables into the attributes scope. This neat bit of alchemy enables developers to treat all variables passed from a previous page as belonging to the attributes scope, regardless of what scope they began life in. Variables that are not passed from previous pages, on the other hand such as XFAs are best set in the local variables scope.
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