The case for Fusebox in Java

Generate QR Code in Java The case for Fusebox
The case for Fusebox
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If you accept the arguments for adoption of a single architectural framework, the question remains, Why adopt Fusebox Fusebox deserves your consideration for several reasons. First, Fusebox is a standard developed by a community of developers. This stands in contrast to other standards that are primarily vendor-driven.
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37 Fusebox Basics
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Although such vendor sponsorship tells you nothing about the technical merits of the standard itself, you do need to understand that the motivations of developers and vendors are very different. Developers endorse a standard mostly because they find that it helps them solve problems in their daily jobs. Vendors are more likely to see the control of a standard as a valuable asset in locking developers in to a specific product or product line. From its inception, Fusebox has been the work of developers whose allegiance is based solely on the degree to which Fusebox empowers them and makes their tasks easier. Fusebox has evolved from a loose collection of good ideas to a robust, powerful architectural framework. Features were added only because the Fusebox community found them to be helpful. Innovation around a standard is strongly encouraged within the Fusebox community. Realizing that good ideas come from the entire developer base rather than from a few individuals, the Fusebox community has created a specification for the core files and a reference implementation but encourages others to try out new ideas while supporting the existing standard. This has led to Fusebox core-file innovations, such as more powerful exception handling (see www. and an entirely new set of powerful features (go to Such innovation around a stable core helps assure the community that Fusebox continues to be responsive to new needs. A Fusebox standards committee determines the features and API (application programming interface) that any Fusebox-compliant set of core files must support. Innovators are then encouraged to submit their ideas to the standards committee for consideration for formal adoption in a future Fusebox version. Vendors are now beginning to support Fusebox, offering tools for handling aspects of documentation and testing (see and online training (at www.secretagents. com) as well as a powerful, visual, integrated-development environment (see www.synthis. com). Additionally, books and instructor-led training are available (at, for example, www. and Finally, Fusebox enjoys an extremely active online community, with e-mail lists and forums that provide free help. Users find that their questions are barely posted before answers are posted. Newbies are warmly welcomed; indeed, the online Fusebox community has developed such a culture of helpfulness and friendliness that it draws in even non-Fuseboxers.
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Fusebox Components
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One appealing aspect of Fusebox is the low barrier to entry. While some frameworks exist that are very powerful and yet quite complex (particularly true in a language such as Java), the concepts behind Fusebox are simple and straightforward as are the code assets that provide the framework. This section will introduce you to those components and show how each fits together to make the Fusebox framework.
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Fusebox terms
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A Fusebox application can best be thought of as a single entity that responds to different action requests, known as fuseactions. In this section, you see how a Fusebox application fulfills these requests. In addition to a fuseaction, a Fusebox application has two other main conceptual components: circuits and fuses. A circuit is a logical grouping of related fuseactions and is represented as a file directory or folder. Figure 37-3 shows the directory/circuit structure for the application shown in Figure 37-1.
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Part VII ColdFusion MX Development Practices
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Figure 37-3: Circuits map to file directories.
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Circuit names must be unique across a Fusebox application, but directory names may not be, as shown by the presence of two Users directories in Figure 37-4. Figure 37-4: Similarly named directories (Users) within a single Fusebox application.
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For this reason, circuits are given aliases, and these aliases are declared in one of the core Fusebox files, FBX_Circuits.cfm. The third main conceptual component of Fusebox is the fuse. A fuse is an application-specific code file that performs some discrete function. Fuses are written by application developers and are used by the Fusebox framework to fulfill a fuseaction request. The application architect determines what tasks a fuseaction must carry out and then apportions these tasks to one or more fuses. The mapping of fuses to fuseactions is done in another of the core files, FBX_Switch.cfm. Each circuit has its own FBX_Switch.cfm, file and each of these files handles the fuseaction-to-use mappings for that circuit alone. Listing 37-2 is a portion of an FBX_Switch.cfm file for a Login circuit.
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