<CF_eWebEditPro2 Name= myEditor Width= 100% Height= 75% Value= #variables.editorValue# > in Java

Generate QR Code 2d barcode in Java <CF_eWebEditPro2 Name= myEditor Width= 100% Height= 75% Value= #variables.editorValue# >
<CF_eWebEditPro2 Name= myEditor Width= 100% Height= 75% Value= #variables.editorValue# >
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What s also nice is that, if the user s browser doesn t support eWebEditPro, the tag automatically replaces the WYSIWYG editor with a simple text area so that the user can always enter something. eWebEditPro also gives you very granular control over the buttons and controls available to a user by way of a large number of extra attributes passed to the custom tag call. The only bad part about eWebEditPro is its image manager. The image manager is very difficult to use and is nowhere near as streamlined as those of soEditor or ActivEdit (see the following section). This is probably because eWebEditPro was made to work with a number of different languages and, as such, could not rely on ColdFusion s file-handling capabilities. A knowledgebase article on www.ektron.com, however, addresses this shortcoming and can alleviate this problem.
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35 Tools to Enhance the Development Environment
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In short, eWebEditPro is the heavyweight of the WYSIWYG editors. It uses an installer and includes a configuration wizard to run on the Web server to configure exactly how eWebEditPro acts. It s a good product to use if you re willing to put in the extra time necessary to really make it shine. eWebEditPro is available at www.ektron.com.
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ActivEdit, from cfdev.com, is really the best of both worlds it offers good features and is very easy to use. ActivEdit is really closer to soEditor in terms of its interface, and that works to its advantage. As you do the other editors, you include ActivEdit on your page with a single tag call, as follows:
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<cf_activedit inc= ../inc/ fieldname= myEditor upload= 1 imageurl= http://localhost/mysite/images/ width= 580 border= 0px imagepath= c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mysite\images\ > </cf_activedit>
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ActivEdit s image manager is the best of the three that we ve reviewed in this section. Seeing what you re going to include in your content is easy, as is very uploading a new image, (because ActivEdit has a version specifically written for ColdFusion, it uses CFFILE to manage its upload). The only problem is that ActivEdit doesn t include the height and width attributes in the image tag that it creates you must specifically edit the image properties to put the height and width in. ActivEdit is highly customizable, not only through its custom tag attributes, but also through its JavaScript API, which enables you to control the editing environment through a series of JavaScript objects. Another area where ActivEdit shines is its table editor, which has no equal in the other two products. Just as in Microsoft Word, you can drag a table out to a specific number of rows and columns rather than needing to manually enter the number. The only area where ActivEdit really lacks is in its stylesheet-handling capability. ActivEdit can t automatically parse a stylesheet to find what styles are available, and you also have no way to remove a style after it s been applied. You can, however, point ActivEdit to your site s stylesheet and have the editing window use those styles. ActivEdit 3 introduced a Java applet version of the editor, in case you are concerned with cross-platform use. Unfortunately, the Java applet is slow and doesn t have many of the features of the standard ActiveX version. ActivEdit is probably the best of the bunch of WYSIWYG editors and is recommended for just about anyone who needs a content-editing solution. ActivEdit is available from www.cfdev.com.
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Part VI Extending Your ColdFusion MX Applications
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Outlining and Mind-Mapping Tools
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Before a contractor builds a house, he must have a blueprint or the entire structure falls. The same is true of software development; if you immediately start coding without any idea of what the site must do, the project fails. The tools in the following sections help you organize your thoughts into a coherent plan for your site development (a mind map) and can also help you uncover holes in the site plan.
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