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Most of the attributes of the CFINDEX tag are rather self-explanatory, although a couple are less clear. It can also do more than the Administrator interface enables you to do. Following is a simple example that indexes the test collection that you create in the section The CFCOLLECTION tag, earlier in this chapter, so that the collection looks at files in the c:\CFusionMX\wwwroot\members\ directory and recurses through any directories below that one. Finally, it stores with each index entry the URL prefix, for use as the search results are later displayed, as follows:
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<cfindex collection= test action= update type= path key= c:\CfusionMX\wwwroot\members\ recurse= yes urlpath= >
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Notice that you need to specify an action of update , to index the collection. Other values for action also are possible, which we discuss later in this chapter. And to specify the path to be indexed, you use the less-than-obvious key attribute and must also specify type= path . This has to do with other uses of the CFINDEX tag, so just be aware that, to perform this simple action of populating an index based on the contents in files in a given path, you need this form of the tag. The urlpath attribute indicates the URL to be prefixed to the file name in any search results.
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Caution Unlike the situation that we discuss in the section Adding a scheduled task, earlier in this chapter, regarding the scheduler, you almost certainly do not want to specify localhost or for the domain in a production application. If the search results are displayed to end users, the hyperlinks shown need to send them to the server holding these pages (your ColdFusion server). If you mistakenly specify localhost in that situation, the end users browsers end up trying to look for the files on their own local computers. Of course, if you re setting up a collection for your own use, using localhost is perfectly acceptable. Not providing any domain at all is also acceptable. See the section Available Search Result Columns, later in this chapter, for more information.
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32 Adding Useful ColdFusion MX Features to Your Application
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An extensions attribute is also available, although you don t need it if you re willing to accept the default file types (HTM, HTML, CFM, and CFML files). Similarly, a language attribute exists that you needn t bother specifying if you re happy with the default value of English.
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Additional capabilities of the CFINDEX tag
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If you read the section in the Macromedia s ColdFusion documentation CFML Reference regarding the CFINDEX tag, you may be overwhelmed trying to find the attributes that you need to perform a simple index population based on a set of files as we describe in the section, Populating (indexing) a Verity collection. You see in the previous sections that several values are actually available for action. (These relate to managing Verity collections and are discussed later in this chapter.) Other values are also appropriate for the key attribute, as are two additional values for the type attribute. Finally, you can also perform both delete and refresh actions by using CFINDEX. And really quite a bit more is going on whenever you run an update action than may be obvious at first. We cover each of these topics in the section Managing individual records or groups of records in a collection, later in this chapter.
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Updating a collection on a recurring basis
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As we mention in the section Adding a scheduled task, earlier in this chapter, setting up a scheduled task to perform an update to an index on a recurring basis is certainly reasonable. Creating a template to perform the desired CFINDEX action= update is, in fact, a simple matter. An example can be found in the previous section, The CFINDEX tag .
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