Integrating ColdFusion MX and Java in Java

Development QR Code in Java Integrating ColdFusion MX and Java
28 Integrating ColdFusion MX and Java
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Running Java Servlets within ColdFusion MX, Professional or Enterprise
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Java Servlets are the alternative (and original) means of creating Web applications for Java developers. They re written in pure Java language rather than by using tags, as in JSPs. Again this chapter can t offer a tutorial on writing servlets, but you should know that you can indeed place them within the CF MX server environment and execute them if, of course, you know where to put them and the correct URL to use to execute them. Whereas you can use JSPs within CF MX only in the Enterprise Edition, you may take advantage of Java servlets in either edition, although some of the documentation is unclear on whether this is within the licensing parameters of Professional. If you re running the Professional Edition of CF MX, contact Macromedia to ensure that your use of this feature is acceptable. Running servlets is different from running JSPs in several ways. First, servlets are not stored in the same directory as your ColdFusion and JSP templates. You instead place them in the wwwroot\WEB-INF\classes directory, which already exists wherever ColdFusion MX is installed. Second, if you run a servlet, you must use a special URL to access it, because it s not stored in the normal Web directory (and, normally, any files in the WEB-INF directory cannot be accessed directly via a URL request). Finally, you typically must compile a servlet from its .java source into a compiled .class file and place that.class file in the WEB-INF\classes directory. Assume that you have a servlet called SimpleServlet.class. (Remember that the focus here is on how to use existing servlets within CF MX and not how to create or compile them.) After placing that .class file in the WEB-INF\classes directory, you may then execute it by using a special form of URL: http://localhost:8500/servlet/SimpleServlet. Again, change the localhost:8500 part of the URL to suit your domain name and port, if any. But the important distinction to notice is the use of /servlet between your domain name/port and the name of the servlet. This is a special designator that tells the CF MX server that you mean to execute a servlet, and so it knows to look in the WEB-INF\classes directory. As with JSPs, the case of the servlet name on the URL must match the case of the actual servlet.class file (and, again, the error displayed for a mismatched case is slightly different from the error for naming a servlet class that doesn t exist in any case).
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Detecting changes to servlets without a restart
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By default, CF MX does not detect changes to (nor does it recompile) servlets. It detects a new servlet placed into the WEB-INF\classes directory, but to see a changed servlet, you must restart the server. In a development environment, of course, this could be an annoyance. Fortunately, you can address this problem by reconfiguring ColdFusion MX to automatically reload changed servlets. Be aware that enabling this change is not recommended for production servers, as you incur a slight performance penalty in doing so. You need to edit the jrun-web.xml file in the WEB-INF directory where ColdFusion is installed (the parent directory where you ve been placing servlet classes). In that file, which already exists by default, you find a pair of <jrun-web-app> tags (or elements as they re referred to by XML adherents). Within those elements, add the following line:
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After restarting the CF MX server, you find that, if you recompile changes to servlets, they are not displayed after you next refresh your browser.
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Part V Integrating ColdFusion MX with Other Technologies
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Take great caution in editing the various XML configuration files in CF MX. Sometimes, a mistake may prevent the server from starting. Save a backup of any such file before changing it so that you can easily reverse the changes if needed. Also, this change may not apply in the newer ColdFusion MX For J2EE product if used on servers other than JRun.
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