CFusionMX/wwwroot/WEB-INF/taglib61.tld CFusionMX/wwwroot/WEB-INF/lib/caltag.jar in Java

Creator QR Code in Java CFusionMX/wwwroot/WEB-INF/taglib61.tld CFusionMX/wwwroot/WEB-INF/lib/caltag.jar
CFusionMX/wwwroot/WEB-INF/taglib61.tld CFusionMX/wwwroot/WEB-INF/lib/caltag.jar
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You re almost ready to proceed, but we should add that the documentation for some JSP custom tags discuss changing a file called web.xml. Such a file is in the CFusionMX/wwwroot/ WEB-INF directory, but you generally don t need to edit it to use JSP custom tags in CF MX.
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Restart the CF MX Server
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After placing a new custom tag library file into the appropriate CF MX directory, you ll need to restart the CF MX Server before attempting to use it. It may seem illogical to have to do so, but if you don t your attempts to use such a new JSP custom tag will result in:
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The type for attribute name of tag [tagname] could not be determined.
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Use CFIMPORT and your JSP custom tag in CFML
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You re finally ready to create your ColdFusion code to refer to the new custom tag. You may recall that your example in the section Calling JSP Custom Tags, earlier in this chapter, was just the following two lines of JSP code:
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<%@ taglib uri= taglib.tld prefix= cal %> <cal:Calendar />
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We said that your CF code would be equally simple, and indeed it is, as the following example shows:
<cfimport prefix= cal taglib= /WEB-INF/taglib61.tld > <cal:Calendar />
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The difference lies just in the first line, where you now use the new CF MX tag CFIMPORT. Besides being a different tag than is used in the JSP example, CFIMPORT is also different in that the JSP example doesn t need to refer to the /WEB-INF/ directory, but in CF MX, you do. And you can usually point to either the JAR or the TLD file. You could also write the CFIMPORT line as follows:
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<cfimport prefix= cal taglib= /WEB-INF/lib/caltag.jar >
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Sometimes you find that you simply must point to the TLD to get the custom tag to work. You can even sometimes place the JAR file in the directory where you re calling the custom tag and leave off any directory path in the TAGLIB attribute. This technique can prove useful if you don t have access to the administrative directories, but it doesn t always work. Getting back to the CFIMPORT tag, notice that you can also pick any value for the PREFIX attribute to use for referring to the custom tag. Notice, too, that this prefix is what s used in referring to the tag, as in the preceding example.
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28 Integrating ColdFusion MX and Java
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A given JSP custom-tag library may contain either multiple custom tags or various attributes to affect how the tag works. In the case of your cal:Calendar tag, you use only the most basic example. As documented at the taglib s Web site, different tags and attributes can do even more useful things. Options are available, for example, to specify a specific month to display. You also have a means to create links on the calendar for a given day, using the setLink tag and its day attribute. Following is an example of the use of the setLink tag:
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<cal:Calendar month= 3 year= 2002 > <cal:setLink day= 5 ></cal:setLink> <cal:setLink day= 15 ></cal:setLink> </cal:Calendar>
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That s all there is to using a JSP custom tag with CF_MX! (The ability to use JSP custom tags raises the possibility of not only reusing someone else s tags, but of creating your own. While that s outside the scope of this book, you ll find no shortage of books devoted to just this topic.)
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Some challenges with using JSP custom tags
A couple of points about using JSP custom tags are worth particular mention. First, you may naturally come to wonder whether you can more easily reuse JSP custom tags by placing the CFIMPORT tag in an Application.cfm file or by referencing it by using a CFINCLUDE. Sadly, you can t do either. The CFIMPORT tag must appear in the page that s using a custom tag. Admittedly, this makes reusing custom tags in multiple pages a little challenging. If you ever need to change something about the CFIMPORT tag, you need to change it in all pages that refer to the tag. And, as an aside, you have no default JSP custom tag location on CF MX server (as you do for CF custom tags), so you have no way to avoid using CFIMPORT. Additionally, as you look at JSP custom-tag libraries at various Web sites, you may notice that not all JSP custom tags are particularly useful in CF. You have a very rich language in CFML. JSP, by comparison, is rather primitive. Many JSP custom tags simply provide functionality that CF already has, including functionality for: Database-manipulation tags if/then loop processing Form validation String manipulation Session and form/url variable processing You also find many more custom tags that you don t really need. Indeed, the last two libraries that we mention in the section Locating JSP custom tags, earlier in this chapter, are the Sun JSP Standard Tag (JSTL) Library (at ) and the Jakarta Taglibs project (at Many of the tags that you find in these libraries offer redundant features that CF already has.
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