Building Web Services with ColdFusion MX in Java

Generate QR Code ISO/IEC18004 in Java Building Web Services with ColdFusion MX
Building Web Services with ColdFusion MX
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In This
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Building and testing a Web service
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he power of ColdFusion components can now be extended to any system anywhere on the Internet, regardless of its platform or whether it runs ColdFusion. This is accomplished through the power of Web services, and you can find no easier way to publish or consume Web services than with ColdFusion MX. By using Web services, you can syndicate news content from your Web site to other sites that want to display it, provide a job quotation service through another Web site, or do anything else that you d normally do on your own site for your own customers.
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Creating a custom tag for your Web service Designing around Webservice restrictions and caveats
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This chapter assumes that you have already read s 22 and 23, have built the components in 23, and fully understand how to build and use ColdFusion MX components, as they are the underlying mechanism for publishing Web services. You might find it useful to also read 30 if you want to follow the XMLrelated code in this chapter in detail.
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What Is a Web Service
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A Web service is a remotely consumable software component that is published on the Web through a universal interface. Web services provide the way to extend your system component by component to other servers throughout the world, regardless of whether they run ColdFusion MX or not. The truly brilliant thing about Web services is their capability to automatically translate, or cast, most data types between ColdFusion MX and the remote systems that consume them, so an array returned from ColdFusion is also seen as an array by its .NET consumer, a date is seen as a date, and so on. This commonality between platforms is provided through Web services universal interface, known as WSDL, or Web Services Description Language. By publishing its XML-formatted WSDL specifications document, a Web service becomes self-describing to any Web service consumer. The description of a Web service includes its available methods (functions), the input/output interface to those methods, and the data types of the arguments and return values passed through that interface, so it is a complete functional specification of everything needed to make full use of the Web service.
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Part IV ColdFusion MX Components, Web Services, and Flash Integration
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Where WSDL provides a full specification of a Web service through an XML-structured document, SOAP, or Simple Object Access Protocol, provides an XML-structured protocol for making requests of Web services and receiving their results. WSDL and SOAP are the two technologies necessary to publish and consume Web services. But you don t want to get bogged down with background discussions or details that don t apply to your real-world use of Web services. You want to build and use them instead.
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Publishing Your First Web Service
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A Web service can return any type of data as its result, and through the miracle of WSDL, that data can typically be used natively within the consuming platform. We say typically because, although ColdFusion MX has no problem consuming any data type from any ColdFusion MX-published Web service, WSDL sometimes has a problem casting ColdFusion query and structure objects to foreign platforms. This limitation, combined with the universal popularity of XML as an information-exchange medium, has made XML a very popular output format for Web services on all platforms, and ColdFusion MX is no exception. The Web service that you re going to build publishes a dynamically generated XML document containing your company s trading partners who are located within a specific geographical area, based on the first few numbers of a zip code. These trading partners are stored in your sample database s Company table. An example of the XML document looks as follows (with indents and line breaks added for clarity):
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<companies> <company id= 7 > <name>Bob's Motorcycle Restoration</name> <street>477 Reston Avenue</street> <city>Casper</city> <state>WY</state> <zip>82604</zip> <comments>Harley and Indian specialists.</comments> </company> <company id= 4 > <name>Ye Olde Poodle Accessory Shoppe</name> <street>45 Mangrum Road</street> <city>Tucson</city> <state>AZ</state> <zip>85701</zip> <comments>Frilly hair bow specialists.</comments> </company> </companies>
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The Web service takes one argument, which is a string containing the first few numbers of the zip-code area in which the consumer wants to look for one of your trading partners.
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