Understanding ColdFusion MX Components in Java

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22 Understanding ColdFusion MX Components
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with various hot-talk services and bundling service options with Fooster s Model ADHCC (AutoDial Hot ColdFusion Chicks) Telephone, Fooster alleged nonexistent profits that made its stock price soar sky-high and attract investors. The money started pouring in, so the company had to find something to do with it. The answer: employee bonuses.
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Listing 22-12: The Fooster component overrides Bonus()
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<cfcomponent extends= com.herdomain.calcbonus.Emp > <cfset This.empProperty = Fooster Override Emp > <cfset This.foostersOwnProperty = Just for Fooster > <cffunction name= Bonus access= public returntype= numeric > <cfargument name= SSN type= string required= yes > <cfreturn XmasBonus(Arguments.SSN) + 113000000> </cffunction> </cfcomponent>
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So if you are a Fooster employee, your total annual bonus is your Christmas bonus plus 113 million dollars. Sweet! By declaring its own Bonus() function, the Fooster component overrides the Bonus() function inherited from the Employee component, but the inherited XmasBonus() function is still available because it wasn t overridden. Listing 22-13 shows Fooster s bonus system in action.
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Listing 22-13: Calling Fooster s Bonus() function.
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<cfscript> embezzlerServices = CreateObject( Component , com.herdomain.calcbonus.Fooster ); </cfscript> <cfoutput> <p>These are all accessed through the Fooster component only:</p> <p>Standard Bonus, Fooster-style: <b>#embezzlerServices.Bonus( 012-34-5678 )#</b><br> empProperty: <b>#embezzlerServices.empProperty#</b><br> foostersOwnProperty: <b>#embezzlerServices.foostersOwnProperty#</b></p> </cfoutput>
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Part IV ColdFusion MX Components, Web Services, and Flash Integration
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The result of executing Listing 22-13 is shown in Figure 22-3. Figure 22-3: The result of executing Listing 22-13.
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Do you see how straightforward ColdFusion component inheritance is The rules are simple: Ancestor functions and properties are available in the inheritor unless overridden. These examples are, by necessity, very brief. Real-world implementations of component overriding are the result of very careful component planning and design, because they must take into consideration the complete set of behaviors of each component type and its extended subtypes. Try to do that with some category of things in nature, like aircraft or guns, and you quickly see how this is not a trivial matter.
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You ve learned quite a lot about components in this chapter. Not only did you see one being built from the ground up, you followed the very structure of how they are built so you could get a better feel for how to use them. You learned how component functions are often referred to as methods, how methods can be either class methods or instance methods depending on how the component that declares them is used, and how these principles are similar to object oriented development. You ve also learned how to create component packages and how to declare a component with unique behavior by inheriting an existing component and overriding some of its methods. You also learned how to apply role-based security to component methods to prevent unauthorized access. You ve probably already heard a lot of talk about how ColdFusion components are similar to objects in object-oriented programming languages, but although some similarities do exist, the two are very different. In short, don t try too hard to make ColdFusion components act the same as objects, and don t labor for hours on end creating elaborate coding schemes so that your components are forced into a bad ballet where they must dance and act like real objects in Java or C++, because you re only going to end up spending a lot of time being sorely disappointed. Components are not objects; they re not even surrogates. They re object wannabes. So don t be afraid to break certain object rules, because they re not component rules. The only components rules are the ones that you define for your applications. If you decide to directly set or get a persistent component property rather than call a component function to do the same thing, the worst that you get are a few whiny tongue lashings from overly excitable discussion-list members. This chapter covers only what you need to understand the basics of components. If we start weighing you down with more details before you build some for yourself, we may lose you. So in the 23, you build a couple components; then you finish up with the details that we purposefully omit from this chapter, including component documentation, metadata, and the many caveats that you encounter in implementing component-based applications. After you finish reading the next chapter and building its components, you should have a solid understanding of both the theory and practice of designing and implementing components, and you should understand how critical engineering decisions affect the overall strength of your application.
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