Understanding ColdFusion MX Components in Java

Generating QR Code 2d barcode in Java Understanding ColdFusion MX Components
22 Understanding ColdFusion MX Components
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Persistent Components
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In the preceding sections of this chapter, you learn how to create a named instance of a component, you find out about the basics of instance properties in a component s This scope, and you learn the differences between class methods and instance methods. Now to put these theories into action! The instance of the component that you create in Listing 22-5 persists only as long as the page request and then ColdFusion Server automatically destroys it. If you want to work with a persistent component past a single page request, you simply must create it in a persistent scope that lives longer than one request, as shown in Listing 22-7.
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Listing 22-7: Persisting an instance of a component in a long-lived scope
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<cfscript> Session.myCompany = CreateObject( Component , Company ); listOfCompanies = Session.myCompany.ListCompanies( A ); </cfscript> <cfdump var= #listOfCompanies# >
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Listing 22-7 is just Listing 22-5 modified to create the instance of the Company component in the Session scope rather than in the Variables (local) scope. Now this instance persists as long as the user s session does, which means that its properties do, too. This means that you can execute one ColdFusion template that creates an instance of the
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Company component, go have a cup of coffee, execute a second ColdFusion template that
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invokes a function of that component, go place a bid on eBay, execute a third ColdFusion template that invokes another function of that component, and so on, until you pause longer than your session timeout permits and the instance is destroyed. This is why we refer to Company as a long-lived persistent component. Components can also be persisted in the Application scope as well. Just remember that all users of your application use the same instance of your component, so locking becomes even more critical and performance bottlenecks potentially become more of a concern if your component manipulates properties in its This scope. We bet that, right now, you re thinking, I m clustering my application, which means that I don t use Session variables anywhere, so I m going to persist my component instance by serializing it with WDDX (see 30 for details) and storing it in the Client scope. That s a clever idea, but unfortunately, it doesn t work. If you serialize a component instance, the properties in the This scope serialize just fine, but you lose all your functions, so on deserialization, all you get back are the properties.
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Why use a persistent component
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Why use a persistent component Good question! Why create an object-wannabe that carries its own data (properties) around with it A few practical applications of persistent components do exist, but one in particular clearly stands out. As you may remember from 8, if an attribute must be present to effectively describe an entity, that attribute cannot contain a NULL value. You can never, therefore, insert a partial record into a database table. If one or more of these non-NULL values must be calculated from
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Part IV ColdFusion MX Components, Web Services, and Flash Integration
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currently unavailable values, or if the value is discovered or created late in some user task, you need a temporary staging area to store your partial data, and a persistent component s properties fit the bill nicely for this purpose. So one good application for a long-lived persistent component is a wizard that collects data throughout a complicated process and then calls component functions that insert or update the component s properties into the database after you collect sufficient data to form each entity completely. You begin to build a partial Company wizard in the next section, to see the basics of how a persistent component can be useful; then you complete the wizard in 23 to see how you d deploy it as a complete solution.
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The elements of a persistent component
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The following list describes what you need to create a persistent component that makes use of its properties: A granular locking mechanism bound to the component. An Initialization() function that creates the component s properties. A GetEntity() function that retrieves data from the database. A FlushEntityToDatabase() function that sends data to the database. The names of the preceding functions are only generalizations. You may name your functions anything you want. Some developers also create specific component functions to formally set and get specific properties or collections of properties. We discuss these setters and getters in the section Using setters and getters, a little later in this chapter.
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