Understanding ColdFusion MX Components in Java

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22 Understanding ColdFusion MX Components
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Get used to passing messages
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So things are a little different from earlier versions of ColdFusion, eh Now you have a formal input interface requiring data of specific types and a formal output interface returning data of a specific type as you learn in 17, as you first start building user-defined functions by using the new CFFUNCTION tag. Now everything is done through messages: one message containing arguments going in and one message containing the single result variable coming out. This technique may seem a little odd at first, but this is precisely how object-oriented languages work.
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The Nickel Tour of objects
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Your telephone is an object; it is a specific instance of the general class of telephones. As do all other instances of the class telephones, your telephone has all the general properties of a telephone: a receiver to which you can listen, a transmitter into which you can speak, a control for dialing someone s number, and so on. Any phone can also be expected to support a set of functions, or methods: picking up the receiver, dialing a number, ringing, hanging up, and so on.
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Note This Nickel Tour uses a fictional object-oriented syntax for teaching purposes. It s similar to a simplified form of Java that doesn t require formal data typing or other complications.
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That telephone object that you hold in your hand is the combination of all the properties that describe it and the methods that it can perform. In the physical world, your telephone was manufactured in a factory. In the object-oriented world, your telephone is conceptually manufactured as follows:
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yourTelephone = new Telephone();
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Now you have an object named yourTelephone that is an instance of the class Telephone. In object-oriented terms, you have just instantiated a Telephone object named yourTelephone. yourTelephone contains all the properties and methods that any new Telephone would have because it was manufactured in the Telephone factory (that is, instantiated from the Telephone class). In the physical world, you pick up your telephone s receiver and dial a number with your finger. In the object-oriented world, you tell your telephone to pick up its own receiver and then you tell your telephone to dial the number for you, conceptually, as follows:
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yourTelephone.OffHook(); yourTelephone.DialNumber( 1-770-446-8866 );
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Your friend Stan Cox has a telephone, too, as follows:
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stansTelephone = new Telephone();
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But Stan isn t calling Productivity Enhancement as you are; he s trying to find a hot date with a woman who shares his main interest in life, as the following example indicates:
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stansTelephone.OffHook(); stansTelephone.DialNumber( 1-900-4CF-CHIX );
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Clearly, your telephone and Stan s telephone can do the same kinds of things because they are both objects of the Telephone class, but each telephone might do the same thing in a different way (such as dial a different number) because each is a separate, distinct instance of a Telephone. Your instance of a Telephone is named yourTelephone, and Stan s instance of a Telephone is named stansTelephone. Each instance is a complete, standalone copy of all the properties and methods that any Telephone has.
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Part IV ColdFusion MX Components, Web Services, and Flash Integration
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Not all telephones are exactly alike
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Stan s telephone is similar to most other telephones, but his probably has a few functions that a public telephone doesn t have, and his probably doesn t have some of the functions of Larry Ellison s telephone (such as Oracle-based speed dial). Stan was so enamored with his date that he has asked the factory to invent a Stan-specific telephone with a special speed-dial function, as the following code describes:
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class StanPhone extends Telephone { SpeedDial(theNumber) { this.OffHook(); if (theNumber == 1 ) { this.DialNumber( 1-900-4CF-CHIX ); } } }
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And Stan wants the factory to manufacture one of these phones for him, as follows:
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stansnewTelephone = new StanPhone();
Now, whenever Stan wants to talk with a beautiful, intelligent ColdFusion programmer of the female persuasion, all he must do is the following:
stansnewTelephone.SpeedDial ( 1 );
Stan s very special telephone extends the capabilities of a normal telephone with an additional method named SpeedDial(), which in turn makes use of the methods available to any telephone (OffHook() and DialNumber()). Notice the prefix this used in the preceding code example to call the inherited methods OffHook() and DialNumber(). If you guessed that this refers to this instance, you re right. Because the StanPhone class simply extends the Telephone class, all the methods available to the Telephone class are automatically a part of the StanPhone class and, as such, are available in all instances of the StanPhone class.