Performing relational joins between ColdFusion query objects in Java

Generator qrcode in Java Performing relational joins between ColdFusion query objects
Performing relational joins between ColdFusion query objects
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Only in a very few instances does using QoQ outperform the simple task of going back to the data server for a fresh query from scratch. QoQ was not designed to circumvent the database server; it was mainly meant to expand the capabilities of single ColdFusion queries by enabling them to be joined with other queries and data sources and then querying them as a consolidated table. Expanding CFDIRECTORY s capabilities is an excellent example for the effective use of QoQ. Say, for example, that you have a collection of files that are uploaded to a common directory and that you also have a database containing descriptions and comments regarding those files. One party handles creating and uploading files, and another party enters descriptions for them in the database. This is an ongoing process, and no real synchronization occurs between the time that files are uploaded and the time that their descriptions get entered into the database. The application must display a list containing only those files for which descriptions have also been added in the database. In Listing 11-19, a CFDIRECTORY call returns a ColdFusion query object containing a list of all files and subdirectories in the directory that s listed, and a CFQUERY call returns a list of all descriptions from an Access database. By using QoQ, you can inner join the ColdFusion query object containing the directory listing with the database query containing descriptions. (The file name makes an excellent key value, because it is guaranteed to be unique by the filing system.) The result is a consolidated listing of only those files that are already uploaded and that contain corresponding descriptions in the database.
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Listing 11-19: Code for joining two ColdFusion query objects
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<!--Create a query object containing the contents of the download directory ---> <cfdirectory action= LIST directory= C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\cfmxbible\download name= dirContents > <!--Create a query object containing all descriptions entered for all files, whether they are currently in the download directory or not. --->
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11 More Advanced Database Techniques
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<cfquery name= fileInfo datasource= #Request.MainDSN# > SELECT Filename, Description, Rating FROM DownloadableFile </cfquery> <!--Create a relational query for only files that have matching descriptions in the database. ---> <cfquery name= downloadableFiles dbtype= Query > SELECT dirContents.Size AS Size, dirContents.DateLastModified AS DateLastModified, fileInfo.Filename AS Filename, fileInfo.Description AS Description, fileInfo.Rating AS Rating FROM dirContents, fileInfo WHERE dirContents.Name = fileInfo.Filename </cfquery>
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Notice the boldface text that specifies Query as the data source that s what tells ColdFusion Server to match table names in the SQL statement with internal query objects rather than external data tables. Figure 11-2 shows a conceptual drawing of the two datasets contained in these two queries and the single dataset resulting from the INNER JOIN between them.
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Figure 11-2: The intermediate and final results of joining two query objects.
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Part II Using ColdFusion MX with Databases
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This type of operation is what QoQ was made for! Before QoQ, you didn t have a simple way to do this kind of thing. You can also use this technique to join multiple, disparate data sources. If you have a commadelimited text file, Access database tables, and Oracle database tables that you want to join together, just create ColdFusion queries from them and join them by using the same QoQ technique shown in the preceding listing. Now to take a look at an example of querying an existing query object.
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Because ColdFusion MX treats query objects as if they were database tables, you can perform a query on another ColdFusion query, as shown in Listing 11-20
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Listing 11-20: Querying a ColdFusion query
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<cfquery name= baseQuery datasource= #Request.MainDSN# > SELECT CustomerNumber, CompanyName FROM Customer </cfquery> <cfquery name= secondaryQuery dbtype= Query > SELECT CompanyName AS Custname FROM baseQuery WHERE CompanyName LIKE A% </cfquery>
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<html> <head> <title>Query of Queries Example</title> </head> <body> <table cellspacing= 2 cellpadding= 2 border= 0 > <tr> <td nowrap><b>Customer Name</b></td> </tr> <cfoutput query= secondaryQuery > <tr> <td>#Custname#</td> </tr>
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