Part II Using ColdFusion MX with Databases in Java

Compose QR Code in Java Part II Using ColdFusion MX with Databases
Part II Using ColdFusion MX with Databases
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Positive values in the 50,000 through 99,999 range indicate a noncritical warning condition, such as Sales order entered, but inventory is getting low. Negative values typically indicate a critical condition according to the application s business rules, such as Sales order entered, but with negative inventory levels. We increment return codes by ten. If a change to the system introduces a new return code that should logically go between those already present, we have room for up to nine of them between each existing Return Code. If the Return Code indicates a change in status, we assign return codes to increase numerically as the status progresses through its life cycle. An important point to remember is that we are talking about Return Codes here not error codes. Return codes are user-defined values that communicate the general status of what happens inside a procedure and can be defined and used entirely at the developer s discretion. Error codes both system-defined and user-defined communicate an error condition that is thrown inside a procedure and cannot be used for any other purpose.
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Reusing stored procedure code
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In the same way that you can create custom tags from fragments of ColdFusion code and then call those custom tags from other ColdFusion templates, you can do virtually the same thing with stored procedures. Stored procedures can call other stored procedures much the same way that they are called from ColdFusion but without the tag-based interface. Say, for example, that you have a stored procedure, sp_GetInventoryItem, that retrieves an InventoryItem row based on the ItemNumber value passed. You use sp_GetInventoryItem throughout your e-commerce application to get product information as users browse the catalog, and you also use it to retrieve inventory items for administrative work. Now you want to incorporate sp_GetInventoryItem with another stored procedure sp_DiscountItem that discounts the price of an item based on whether the user enters a valid discount coupon code at the beginning of his shopping session. You can repeat the code to retrieve the inventory item and perform the discount in each stored procedure that requires such a function, or you can make code maintenance easier by breaking out examples of common code into their own procedures and calling them where needed, as shown in Listing 10-30.
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Listing 10-30: Calling stored procedures from other stored procedures
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-- This procedure will be called by sp_DiscountItem CREATE PROCEDURE sp_GetInventoryItem ( @giiItemNumber Varchar(15), @giiDescription Varchar(40) OUTPUT, @giiUnitPrice Numeric(12,2) OUTPUT, @giiAvailableToSell Integer OUTPUT, @giiComments Varchar(200) OUTPUT ) AS SELECT @giiDescription = Description, @giiUnitPrice = UnitPrice, @giiAvailableToSell = AvailableToSell, @giiComments = Comments FROM InventoryItem WHERE
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10 Using Advanced Database Techniques
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ItemNumber RETURN go
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= @giiItemNumber
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-- This procedure will also be called by sp_DiscountItem CREATE PROCEDURE sp_GetAmountDue ( @CouponCode Varchar(16), @AmountDue Numeric(12,2) OUTPUT ) AS DECLARE @Redeemed Bit, @PercentDiscount Numeric(12,2) SELECT @Redeemed = Redeemed, @PercentDiscount = PercentDiscount FROM Coupon WHERE CouponCode = @CouponCode IF (@@ROWCOUNT != 1) BEGIN RETURN -- Coupon doesn t exist; no price change END IF (@Redeemed = 1) BEGIN RETURN -- Coupon already redeemed; no price change END ELSE BEGIN SELECT @AmountDue = @AmountDue * (1 - @PercentDiscount / 100) END RETURN go -- This is the parent procedure that is called CREATE PROCEDURE sp_DiscountItem ( @diCouponCode Varchar(16), @diItemNumber Varchar(15), @diDescription Varchar(40) OUTPUT, @diUnitPrice Numeric(12,2) OUTPUT, @diAvailableToSell Integer OUTPUT, @diComments Varchar(200) OUTPUT ) AS EXEC sp_GetInventoryItem (
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Part II Using ColdFusion MX with Databases
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Listing 10-30 (continued)
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@giiItemNumber = @diItemNumber, @giiDescription = @diDescription OUTPUT, @giiUnitPrice = @diUnitPrice OUTPUT, @giiAvailableToSell = @diAvailableToSell OUTPUT, @giiComments = @diComments OUTPUT ) EXEC sp_GetAmountDue ( @CouponCode = @diCouponCode , @AmountDue = @diUnitPrice OUTPUT ) RETURN go
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The first time that we ever coded such a thing, our heads nearly split wide open from confusion! Which parameter is the input to which output, and how does this one pass back to that one and so on Well, we finally figured out a way to explain one procedure by using OUTPUT parameters that call another in a way that makes sense. On the CD-ROM accompanying this book, you find an Adobe Acrobat file named Output Parameter Tracing.pdf, which contains the preceding listing repeated once for each step in the parameter passing process, along with a diagram for each step and an explanation in plain English of what is happening in each step. We follow one of these OUTPUT parameters the UnitPrice on its complete journey through all the stored procedures that use it and show how values are acquired and passed between parameters. We highly suggest that you take a few moments to open that document and follow each step of the process. To really leverage stored procedures in your ColdFusion applications, you need to fully understand this complicated topic. We have repeated the plain English description of each step in the following numbered list, but having the diagram at hand as you read them really helps. The process all starts with the procedure sp_DiscountItem that is called from ColdFusion as follows: 1. sp_DiscountItem is the first stored procedure called. The @diUnitPrice output parameter starts off with a NULL value; at this point, @diUnitPrice is just an empty bucket to receive a value back from sp_DiscountItem after it finishes executing and then return that value to the client application. OUTPUT tells sp_DiscountItem, If you do anything to the value of @diUnitPrice during your execution, OUTPUT its new value back into @diUnitPrice so that the new value can be used by whatever application or procedure called you. If @diUnitPrice didn t have the OUTPUT qualifier, it would remain NULL after sp_DiscountItem finished executing. 2. @diUnitPrice is the value fed to the @giiItemUnitPrice OUTPUT parameter of the call to sp_GetInventoryItem. Right now, it is still just a NULL value. 3. @giiUnitPrice initializes with the NULL value supplied by @diUnitPrice and is now ready to call sp_GetInventoryItem.
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