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After you have your call from ColdFusion to your stored procedure established, you need to establish the interface between your ColdFusion variables and the arguments used by your stored procedure.
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10 Using Advanced Database Techniques
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Understand first, however, that not all stored procedures take arguments. Listing 10-16, for example, creates a stored procedure that simply lists all companies in Georgia.
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Listing 10-16: A simple stored procedure
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CREATE PROCEDURE sp_GetGeorgiaCompanies AS SELECT CompanyName, ZipCode FROM Company WHERE State = GA ORDER BY ZipCode ASC RETURN
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Now all that you need to do is to call the stored procedure, as shown in Listing 10-17.
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Listing 10-17: Call the simple stored procedure
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<cfstoredproc procedure= sp_GetGeorgiaCompanies datasource= CFMXBible > <cfprocresult name= GetGeorgiaCompanies resultset= 1 > </cfstoredproc>
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Input parameters
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Listing 10-16 doesn t require any values to be passed to it, but most stored procedures require one or more input parameters to be supplied by ColdFusion. An input parameter is a value that is passed to a function or procedure. If you adapt Listing 10-16 to use an input parameter in place of the hard coded GA value, for example, you end up with Listing 10-18 (which is identical to Listing 10-10).
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Listing 10-18: Adapting sp_GetGeorgiaCompanies to accept an argument
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CREATE PROCEDURE sp_GetCompanies ( @State CHAR(2) ) AS SELECT
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Part II Using ColdFusion MX with Databases
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Listing 10-18 (continued)
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CompanyName, ZipCode FROM Company WHERE State = @State ORDER BY ZipCode ASC RETURN
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The code in Listing 10-19 used to call the new stored procedure in Listing 10-18 is almost identical to the stored procedure call in Listing 10-17, except for adding a single CFPROCPARAM tag to supply the state abbreviation to the stored procedure. You should recognize this call as the same call in Listing 10-11.
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Listing 10-19: Calling sp_GetCompanies from ColdFusion
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<cfstoredproc procedure= sp_GetCompanies datasource= CFMXBible > <cfprocparam type= In cfsqltype= CF_SQL_CHAR dbvarname= @State value= #Trim(FORM.State)# maxlength= 2 null= No > <cfprocresult name= GetCompanies resultset= 1 > </cfstoredproc>
Here s a basic breakdown of what you re seeing. ColdFusion takes the value from the input form that posted to this template and supplies that value to the stored procedure through CFPROCPARAM s VALUE attribute. The value is formally defined as being of the database s CHAR data type by specifying CFSQLTYPE= CF_SQL_CHAR , and its maximum length is limited to 2 via the MAXLENGTH attribute. If the parameter had been a NUMERIC data type, SCALE would be used to specify the number of decimal places to which the number is accurate. MAXLENGTH is used to specify the overall length of string data types, but in some cases, MAXLENGTH can also be used to limit the size of a numeric parameter being fed to a stored procedure and, thereby, prevent out-of-range errors from being thrown, as shown in Figure 10-2. Because you are not supplying this stored procedure parameter as a NULL value, you specify NULL= No . If you had wanted to supply a NULL value in this stored procedure parameter, you would have specified NULL= Yes , and the VALUE attribute of the CFPROCPARAM tag would have been ignored.
10 Using Advanced Database Techniques
The TYPE attribute specifies whether the parameter is being supplied to the stored procedure, received from the stored procedure, or both. In this case, you are just supplying the parameter to the stored procedure, so the value of the TYPE attribute is IN it is being sent from ColdFusion into the stored procedure.
<cfstoredproc procedure="sp_GetCompanies" datasource="CFMXBible"> <cfprocparam type="In" cfsqltype="CF_SQL_CHAR" dbvarname="@State" value="#Trim(FORM.State)#" maxlength="2" null="No"> <cfprocresult name="GetCompanies" resultset="1"> <cfstoredproc>
CREATE PROCEDURE sp_GetCompanies( @State CHAR(2) ) AS SELECT CompanyName, ZipCode FROM Company WHERE State = @State ORDER BY ZipCode ASC RETURN
Figure 10-2: Visualizing the communication between ColdFusion input parameters and their corresponding stored procedure parameters. And that s basically how you pass parameters from ColdFusion to a stored procedure. Just think of it as a more formal way to supply ColdFusion values to a query, where the strings supplied by ColdFusion are formally bound to specific data types native to your database server and are given specific size limits within which to fit. After you know how to pass individual ColdFusion values to a stored procedure by using input parameters, you can move on to passing individual values from a stored procedure back to ColdFusion server by using output parameters.