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Part II Using ColdFusion MX with Databases
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Listing 10-2 (continued)
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RAISERROR 50001 The OrderItem could not be inserted. ROLLBACK TRANSACTION RETURN END UPDATE InventoryItem SET AvailableToSell = AvailableToSell - 10 WHERE ItemNumber = CAS30-BLK IF @@ERROR != 0 BEGIN RAISERROR 50002 The InventoryItem could not be updated. ROLLBACK TRANSACTION RETURN END COMMIT TRANSACTION
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The syntax is a little different, but the principles are very similar, aren t they It s really just a matter of learning both methods for implementing transactions and then controlling them as close to the database server as your application enables you to do so. A good example of when you need to control a transaction within ColdFusion is whenever you are passing multiple rows of data from ColdFusion to the database server, and you want to encapsulate all those queries into a single transaction. Listing 10-3 illustrates this example.
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Listing 10-3: Inserting multiple rows within a single transaction
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<cftransaction> <cfloop index= i from= 1 to= #ArrayLen(arItemNumber)# > <cfquery name= InsertOrderItems datasource= CFMXBible > INSERT INTO OrderItem ( SalesOrderID, ItemNumber, Description, UnitPrice, Quantity ) VALUES ( #Val(arSalesOrderID[i])#, #Trim(arItemNumber[i])# , #Trim(arDescription[i])# , #Val(arUnitPrice[i])#, #Val(arQuantity[i])#
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10 Using Advanced Database Techniques
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) </cfquery> </cfloop> </cftransaction>
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You currently have no easy and effective way to directly send multidimensional data from ColdFusion to a database server in a single statement. Until such a method exists, you must loop over ColdFusion arrays or structures and call CFQUERY once for each unit of data to be stored in the database.
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CFTRANSACTION and exception handling
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The default behavior of the CFTRANSACTION tag is such that if you do not explicitly command it to commit or rollback, it does so implicitly for you. This is the technique shown in Listings 10-1 and 10-3. Many ColdFusion developers are used to coding that way, but if you rely on the implicit behavior that CFTRANSACTION automatically commits and rolls back for you, stop doing so right now. In our own tests, ColdFusion MX slows to a crawl if CFTRANSACTION tags are not explicitly coded with BEGIN, COMMIT, and ROLLBACK commands. To make sure that you are committing only if everything works correctly and rolling back only if it doesn t, you should be very aware of CFTRANSACTION s behavior with respect to exception handling and also how to correctly nest CFTRANSACTION and CFTRY tags. The best practice for coding CFTRANSACTION is as follows: 1. CFSET a flag variable TRUE. 2. Begin a CFTRANSACTION. 3. Open a CFTRY block. 4. Code any database queries you need. 5. Test for exceptions with CFCATCH blocks as necessary. 6. Within any and all CFCATCH blocks that would indicate a failure of any part of the transaction, CFSET the flag FALSE. 7. Close the CFTRY block. 8. Test the flag: Commit the transaction if TRUE and roll it back if FALSE. 9. Close the CFTRANSACTION. Listing 10-4 rewrites Listing 10-1 to incorporate CFTRANSACTION best practices.
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Listing 10-4: Combining CFTRANSACTION with CFTRY and CFCATCH
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<cfset OKtoCommit = TRUE> <cftransaction action= BEGIN > <cftry> <cfquery name= InsertOrderItem datasource= CFMXBible > INSERT INTO OrderItem (
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Part II Using ColdFusion MX with Databases
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Listing 10-4 (continued)
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SalesOrderID, ItemNumber, Description, UnitPrice, Quantity ) VALUES ( 1, CAS30-BLK , 30-Minute Cassette, Black Case , 1.05, 10 ) </cfquery> <!--- If an error occurs after the first query, control immediately falls to CFCATCH ---> <cfquery name= UpdateInventory datasource= CFMXBible > UPDATE InventoryItem SET AvailableToSell = AvailableToSell - 10 WHERE ItemNumber = CAS30-BLK </cfquery> <cfcatch type= Any > <cfset OKtoCommit = FALSE> </cfcatch> </cftry> <cfif OKtoCommit> <cftransaction action= COMMIT /> <cfelse> <cftransaction action= ROLLBACK /> </cfif> </cftransaction>
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As soon as any one of the queries throws an exception, program flow falls immediately to the applicable CFCATCH block, which then takes control and sets the OKtoCommit flag to FALSE. This circumvents any attempts to execute any other queries in the transaction. After the CFTRY block, the flag is tested and the entire transaction is either committed to disk or rolled back as if nothing ever happened. If you re upgrading from an earlier version of ColdFusion Server, go right now and run the Find command on all your code for CFTRANSACTION, inspect your code, and determine whether you need to shore up your CFTRANSACTION tags.
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