Using Advanced Database Techniques in Java

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Using Advanced Database Techniques
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hapter 10 takes you beyond merely querying tables. Here and in 11, you learn the principles and techniques that really make a database perform to its fullest potential. Because of the scope of this book, the topics in this chapter can be touched on only summarily. To fully understand them requires many hours of in-depth reading outside this book. My goal is to teach you the basics, give you a solid understanding of how they are correctly used with ColdFusion applications, and encourage you to read further in books that treat these topics with the depth and detail they deserve. For the internal mechanics of SQL Server 2000, we recommend Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2000 by Kalen Delaney (Microsoft Press). For writing stored procedures and triggers in Transact/SQL, the language used by SQL Server 2000, we recommend Advanced Transact-SQL for SQL Server 2000. These techniques apply mostly to full-fledged database servers and not to desktop databases such as Microsoft Access. Desktop databases do not have the advanced features such as stored procedures and triggers that are covered in this chapter.
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Note This chapter is intended to be run on SQL Server 2000 only, except where Oracle 9i techniques are addressed.
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In This
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Getting a handle on transactions
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Using views for easier development and security Learning the ins and outs of stored procedures Understanding Oracle stored procedures Using stored procedures
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If you want to follow along with this chapter, look in the SQL2000 and Oracle9i subdirectories of the 10 directory on the CD-ROM accompanying this book and carefully follow the installation instructions in their README.TXT files.
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This section covers transactions, why they are very important to solid database design, multiuser concerns that you must consider in designing transactions, and how transactions are controlled.
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Part II Using ColdFusion MX with Databases
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Understanding transactions
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A transaction is an indivisible action (also known as an atomic action, a least unit of work, or a single unit of work). No matter how many individual data manipulations occur within the transaction, it s all or nothing: If all the individual manipulations execute correctly, the transaction is successful; if any one of the individual manipulations fail, the entire transaction fails. The most common example of a transaction involves the ATM at your bank. If you request $20 from the machine, it should both give you a twenty-dollar bill and remove $20 from the balance in your account. Both actions must occur for the transaction to be valid. If only one of them occurs, someone s going to be pretty upset! Now look at a database transaction. Listing 10-1 creates an order item on a sales order and also removes the amount ordered from the AvailableToSell column of the InventoryItem table.
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Listing 10-1: A simple transaction using CFTRANSACTION
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<cftransaction> <cfquery name= InsertOrderItem datasource= CFMXBible > INSERT INTO OrderItem ( SalesOrderID, ItemNumber, Description, UnitPrice, Quantity ) VALUES ( 1, CAS30-BLK , 30-Minute Cassette, Black Case , 1.05, 10 ) </cfquery> <cfquery name= UpdateInventory datasource= CFMXBible > UPDATE InventoryItem SET AvailableToSell = AvailableToSell - 10 WHERE ItemNumber = CAS30-BLK </cfquery> </cftransaction>
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(In 11, you learn the reasons why this function should be implemented as a trigger, but for now, just concentrate on the transaction.)
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10 Using Advanced Database Techniques
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Everything between the opening and closing CFTRANSACTION tags is considered a single transaction. For this transaction to succeed, both the insert into the OrderItem table and the update of the InventoryItem table must succeed. That s the whole idea of a transaction: all or nothing. If both queries are successful, the transaction commits, and the effects of both queries are written to the database. If either query fails, the entire transaction is rolled back as if nothing ever happened.
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Where to control a transaction
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In the example in the preceding section, ColdFusion supplies the commands to control the beginning and end of the transaction, but in many cases, such control is handled at the database server itself using native database commands. So where should you control a transaction The simple answer to this question is always At the database server, if you possibly can. The reason for this answer is the database s capability to control its transactions by using native commands and capabilities instead of relying on the database driver s capability to communicate transactional control to the database. Some database drivers do not have the capability to pass transactional control commands to your database, so in these cases, you need to encapsulate all transactional controls within a stored procedure on the database and simply call it from ColdFusion. Some other drivers can communicate only a subset of the database s available transactional control commands and are, therefore, not as capable a solution. Look now at a transaction that is controlled within the stored procedure itself. Listing 10-2 is the equivalent of Listing 10-1, except that the transaction is controlled within the stored procedure rather than in ColdFusion.
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Listing 10-2: Adapting Listing 10-1 for transactional control within the database rather than in ColdFusion
BEGIN TRANSACTION INSERT INTO OrderItem ( SalesOrderID, ItemNumber, Description, UnitPrice, Quantity ) VALUES ( 1, CAS30-BLK , 30-Minute Cassette, Black Case , 1.05, 10 ) IF @@ERROR != 0 BEGIN