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EmployeeName Churvis, Adam Davidow, Allen Silverberg, Bethany Sanders, Billy AverageAge 55 30 15 10
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Part II Using ColdFusion MX with Databases
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This time, the GROUP BY clause tells the Avg() function to operate over each employee s group of Dependants rather over than the entire data set all at once. But why can you display the function result and the query columns together in the same query Because the dimension of the Avg() function s results is exactly the same as that of the other query columns in the SELECT clause. The Avg() function returns a single value for every group, as do the column definitions in the SELECT clause. We hope that these visualizations of how SQL works internally helps you write SQL statements that don t throw errors because you re trying to do the impossible but that give you the results that you re looking for.
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Structured Exception Handling
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Notice how the title of this section is Structured exception handling rather than Structured error handling. The difference may seem casual, but it really points to a new way of thinking about your code, as follows: Errors are good. What ! The infidel speaks blasphemy! No, not really. Let us explain. So far in this book, you ve learned how to design databases that plug up all the little holes that you may have had in your previous database designs so that only purified data goes into your tables and referential integrity is indeed preserved under all possible circumstances. And in s 10 and 11, you build database methods directly into your database by using triggers and stored procedures so that only intended users and applications can execute specific operations. This extra tightness inherently causes many more errors to be thrown by your database whenever incorrect operations are attempted. If you ve followed along so far, you now know, for example, that you should define alternate keys on unique columns that are not primary keys, such as a user s e-mail address. Once you have an alternate key defined on the e-mail address column, you can safely try to insert the user no matter what e-mail address that he gives. If a duplicate e-mail address is already in the database, an exception is thrown. But this exception is no longer considered an error, because you are going to programmatically utilize it in your ColdFusion code to inform the user of the specific problem that he is facing and perhaps also route him to the next logical step in resolving his problem. Now that s good programming! Previously, if someone attempted to add more than one user with the same e-mail address, you probably had some ColdFusion code attempt to find any users with the same e-mail address. And if RecordCount was greater than zero, you told the user No go.
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9 Putting Databases to Work
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Listing 9-9 shows an example of structured exception handling in action. It s going to catch exceptions where the database throws an error because of an alternate key violation and then handle those exceptions by sending the user to an alternative registration page that informs him of the problem and enables him either to log in by using his existing e-mail address and password or to e-mail his forgotten password to himself.
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Listing 9-9: Handling the exception of an existing e-mail address
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<cftry> <cfquery name= AddUser datasource= CFMXBible > INSERT INTO AppUser ( Email, FirstName, LastName, Password ) VALUES ( adam@productivityenhancement.com , Adam , Churvis , licorice ) </cfquery> <cfcatch type= Database > <!--- Duplicate alternate key, when implemented as unique index --> <cfif CFCATCH.NativeErrorCode EQ 2601 > <cflocation url= AlternateRegistrationMethod.cfm msg=#URLEncodedFormat( Your email address is already in our database. )# > <cfelse> <cflocation url= Error.cfm msg=#URLEncodedFormat( An unspecified database error occurred attempting to add a user to our database. )# > </cfif> </cfcatch> </cftry> <cflocation url= Finished.cfm msg=#URLEncodedFormat( The user was successfully added to the database. )# >
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So database error 2601 is an error from the database s perspective but an exception from your ColdFusion application s point of view, and you can easily handle it. Listing 9-10 is a CFTRY construct for CFQUERY and CFSTOREDPROC calls to SQL Server 2000 that catches the most common database errors so that you can handle them as exceptions in your application. It is also on the CD-ROM that accompanies this book. I find wrapping Listing 9-10 (with a little editing) around all my CFQUERY calls that modify data very useful so that I can redirect the user whenever an exception occurs.
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