De nition of a System in .NET

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De nition of a System
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By in a prescribed operating environment, we mean that for economic, outcome, and survival reasons, every system must have a prescribed that is, bounded operating environment. By with a speci ed outcome, we mean that system stakeholders (Users, shareholders, owners, etc.) expect systems to produce results. The observed behavior, products, byproducts, or services, for example, must be outcome-oriented, quanti able, measurable, and veri able. By and probability of success, we mean that accomplishment of a speci c outcome involves a degree of uncertainty or risk. Thus, the degree of success is determined by various performance factors such as reliability, dependability, availability, maintainability, sustainability, lethality, and survivability. Author s Note 3.1 Based on the author s experiences, you need at least four types of agreement on working level de nitions of a system: 1) a personal understanding, 2) a program team consensus, 3) an organizational (e.g., System Developer) consensus, and 4) most important, a contractual consensus with your customer. Why Of particular importance is that you, your program team, and your customer (i.e., a User or an Acquirer as the User s technical representative) have a mutually clear and concise understanding of the term. Organizationally you need a consensus of agreement among the System Developer team members. The intent is to establish continuity across contract and organizations as personnel transition between programs.
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Other De nitions of a System
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National and international standards organizations as well as different authors have their own definitions of a system. If you analyze these, you will nd a diversity of viewpoints, all tempered by their personal knowledge and experiences. Moreover, achievement of a one size ts all convergence and consensus by standards organizations often results in wording that is so diluted that many believe it to be insuf cient and inadequate. Examples of organizations having standard de nitions include: International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) International Standards Organization (ISO) US Department of Defense (DoD) US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
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You are encouraged to broaden your knowledge and explore de nitions by these organizations. You should then select one that best ts your business application. Depending on your personal viewpoints and needs, the de nition stated in this text should prove to be the most descriptive characterization.
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Closing Point
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When people develop de nitions, they attempt to create content and grammar simultaneously. People typically spend a disproportionate amount of time on grammar and spend very little time on substantive content. We see this in speci cations and plans, for example. Grammar is impor-
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What Is a System
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tant, since it is the root of our language and communications. However, wordsmithed grammar has no value if it lacks substantive content. You will be surprised how animated and energized people become over wording exercises. Subsequently, they throw up their hands and walk away. For highly diverse terms such as a system, a good de nition may sometimes be simply a bulleted list of descriptors concerning what a term is or, perhaps, is not. So, if you or your team attempts to create your own de nition, perform one step at a time. Obtain consensus on the key elements of substantive content. Then, structure the statement in a logical sequence and translate the structure into grammar.
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Systems occur in a number of forms and vary in composition, hierarchical structure, and behavior. Consider the next high-level examples. EXAMPLE 3.1
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Economic systems Educational systems Financial systems Environmental systems Medical systems Corporate systems Insurance systems Religious systems Social systems Psychological systems Cultural systems Food distribution systems Transportation systems Communications systems Entertainment systems Government systems Legislative systems Judicial systems Revenue systems Taxation systems Licensing systems Military systems Welfare systems Public safety systems Parks and recreation systems Environmental systems
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If we analyze these systems, we nd that they produce combinations of products, by-products, or services. Further analysis reveals most of these fall into one or more classes such as individual versus organizational; formal versus informal; ground-based, sea-based, air-based, space-based, or hybrid; human-in-the-loop (HITL) systems, open loop versus closed loop; and xed, mobile, and transportable systems.
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