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In summary, the preceding discussions provide the basis with which to establish the guiding principles that govern mission analysis. Principle 16.1 Every system mission must accomplish one or more organizational performance objectives. Principle 16.2 Human-made systems have three primary phases of operation: pre-mission, mission, and post-mission; an interim phase may be further required for some systems. Principle 16.3 Every system phase of operation must satisfy one or more outcome-based performance objectives associated with accomplishment of an overall system mission and its performance objectives. Principle 16.4 Mission success requires ve key elements: a purpose, resources, a reasonably achievable outcome-based performance objective(s), a Mission Event Timeline (MET), and a willingness to perform. Where there is no willingness to act, the other elements are meaningless.
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Our discussion of mission analysis highlighted several key points that require emphasis: Every system concept consists of interactions of abstract entities derived from the System Element Architecture: 1) SYSTEM OF INTEREST (SOI) consisting of the MISSION SYSTEM and the SUPPORT SYSTEM and 2) the OPERATING ENVIRONMENT.
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System Mission Analysis
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Each mission begins with a point of origination and concludes with a destination or point of termination with intervening staging, control, or waypoints based on speci c objectives and Mission Event Timeline (MET) events. Between the point of origination and point of termination, some missions may require interim waypoints or delivery points that satisfy speci c mission objectives. Every mission must be founded on an operational strategy that de nes HOW the system elements namely PERSONNEL, EQUIPMENT, and FACILITIES will be deployed and employed at critical staging events to accomplish mission objectives constrained by a Mission Event Timeline (MET). Every mission is characterized by at least three mission phases of operation: 1) pre-mission, 2) mission, and 3) post-mission. During each phase of operation, system element interactions must be orchestrated and synchronized in accordance with mission objectives and a Mission Event Timeline (MET). Every mission requires mission critical capabilities with a minimum level of performance to be provided by the system elements namely PERSONNEL, EQUIPMENT, and MISSION RESOURCES to achieve a speci ed outcome.
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1. Answer each of the What You Should Learn from This questions identi ed in the Introduction. 2. Refer to the list of systems identi ed in 2. Based on a selection from the preceding chapter s General Exercises or a new system selection, apply your knowledge derived from this chapter s topical discussions. Identify the following: (a) How many different missions does the system perform (b) What are those missions (c) Pick two missions and perform a mission analysis using the methodology described in this section.
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1. Select a contract program within your organization. Interview program personnel to understand what form of mission analysis was performed on the program. (a) Was the mission analysis required as a contract deliverable If so, when was it required to be delivered Were subsequent updates required Was there a required outline format (b) Who performed the mission analysis (c) How was the mission analysis documented (d) What was the most dif cult parts of the analysis to accomplish (e) In what ways do program personnel believe the analysis bene t the program (f) What would you do differently next time (g) How did program and executive management view the importance of the analysis (h) Were the right amount of resources and expertise applied to accomplish the task (i) What were the shortcomings, if any, of the end product
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Defense Systems Management College (DSMC). 1998. DSMC Test and Evaluation Management Guide, 3rd ed. Defense Acquisition Press Ft. Belvoir, VA. Defense Systems Management College (DSMC). Glossary: Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms, 10th ed. Defense Acquisition University Press Ft. Belvoir, VA. 2001. MIL-STD-499B (cancelled draft). 1994. Systems Engineering. Washington, DC: Department of Defense (DoD).
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