The System and Mission Capabilities Foundation in .NET

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13.3 The System and Mission Capabilities Foundation
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Obviously the nature of these documents focuses on technical capability requirements rather than resources to implement the capabilities. Various criteria and labels are assigned to indicate the PRIORITY level (numerical, phrases, etc.) such as absolutely mandatory, desired, and nice-to-have. Guidepost 13.2 The preceding discussion provides the backdrop as to HOW organizations identify marketplace system, product, and service needs. Let s shift our focus to understanding the technical aspect of HOW organizations employ organizational roles and missions to identify system capability requirements.
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Before a system is acquired or developed, SEs analyze the OPERATING ENVIRONMENT and opportunity/problem space to support system acquisition or development decision making. The results of these analyses ultimately bound the solution space(s) within which the MISSION SYSTEM is intended to operate. In performing this role, SEs support business development organizations attempting to bound the operating environment and de ne the types of missions the system must be capable of conducting.
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System Objectives
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Every system, product, or service is characterized by a set of operational need-based objectives that drive the system s missions and applications. Consider the following example:
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An automobile manufacturer may conduct marketing analysis and identify an operational need(s) for a family vehicle that can comfortably provide general transportation for up to four adults. Further analysis reveals that families searching for this type of vehicle are sports oriented and need to carry bicycles, kayaks, or storage containers over rough roads in mountainous territory in all weather conditions. Thus, a general system objective is established for a class of vehicle.
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Mission Objectives
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Most families, however, do not have the luxury of performing sports all week and have other familybased missions (shopping, school carpools, etc.). Therefore, the vehicle s system objectives must be capable of supporting multiple mission objectives that are User-oriented and support all system stakeholders. How do system and mission objectives relate to a system s purpose Consider the following example.
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A retail store may target a speci c market niche based on demographics, products and services, and market environment coupled with nancial performance to form organizational objectives. Accomplishment of the organizational objectives requires supporting system elements of the business such as PERSONNEL EQUIPMENT, and FACILITIES on speci c mission objectives such as increasing customer awareness, boosting sales, improving pro tability, and introducing new merchandise.
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This leads to two key questions:
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Organizational Roles, Missions, and System Applications
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1. WHAT is the importance of delineating organizational mission and system objectives 2. WHY do we do it The reason is the System Owner and/or the User has organization roles and missions to ful ll. Roles and missions are accomplished by the integrated set of organizational systems or assets such the PERSONNEL, EQUIPMENT, and PROCEDURAL DATA elements. Each of these systems or assets provides system capabilities that ful ll a bounded solution space subject to affordability and other constraints. System capabilities, which vary by phase of operation, are identi ed, analyzed, and translated into system or item speci cation requirements.
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Organizational Ef ciency and Accountability
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All multi-level elements of a system must be traceable back to system objectives that de ne the system s purpose or reason for its existence. The typical pro t-centric business view is that each capability must: 1. Enable to organization to achieve both strategic and/or tactical planning objectives. 2. Ef ciently and effectively provide streamlined, value-added bene ts such as return on investment (ROI) to the organization. Therefore, from an SE perspective, there must be some form of system accountability. System accountability means that all system capabilities, requirements, and end game performance must be: 1. Assigned to organizational owners Users, Acquirer, System Developer personnel, Subcontractors, etc. or organizational accountability. 2. Traceable back to higher level system objectives that identify and bound the opportunity space or solution space or technical accountability. Organizations establish technical accountability by a linking process referred to as requirements TRACEABILITY. To better understand the requirements traceability process, let s examine the key entities of technical accountability.
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