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Interfaces, as an entry point or portal into a system, are vulnerable to threats and failures, both internally and externally. Depending on the extent of the physical interface interaction and resulting damage or failure, the interface capability or performance may be limited or terminated. Our discussion here focuses on understanding interface design performance and integrity. Let s begin by rst de ning the context of an interface failure.
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What Constitutes an Interface Failure
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There are differing contexts regarding WHAT constitutes an interface failure including degrees of failure. An interface might be considered failed if it ceases to provide the required capability at a speci ed level of performance when required as part of an overall system mission. Interface failures may or may not jeopardize a system mission.
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Consequences of an Interface Failure
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Interface failures can result in the LOSS of system control and/or data; physical damage to system operators, equipment, property or the environment. As a result, system interfaces that may potentially impact mission success, cause damage to the system, the public, or environment; as well as loss of life should be thoroughly analyzed. This includes understanding HOW the internal or exter-
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System Interfaces
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nal interface may fail and its impact on other components. Let s examine how interface failures may occur.
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Interface Failures
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Interfaces fail in a number of ways. In general, physical interfaces can fail in at least four types of scenarios: 1) disruption, 2) intrusion, 3) stress loading, and 4) physical destruction. Disruptions can be created by acts of nature, component reliability, poor quality work, animals, lack of proper maintenance, and sabotage. Examples include: 1) failed components, 2) cable disconnects; 3) loss of power, 4) poor data transmission; 5) lack of security; 6) mechanical wear, compression, tension, friction, shock, and vibration; 7) optical attenuation and scattering; and 8) signal blocking. Intrusion examples include: 1) unauthorized electromagnetic environment effects (E3); 2) data capture through monitoring, tapping, or listening; and 3) injection of spurious signals. Intrusion sources include electrical storms and espionage. Intrusion presentation solutions include proper shielding, grounding, and encryption. Stress Loading includes the installation of devices that load, impede, or degrade the quality or performance of an interface. Physical Attack includes physical threat contact by accident or purposeful action by an external entity on the system to in ict physical harm, damage, or destruction to a SYSTEM, entity, or one of their capabilities.
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Interface Vulnerabilities
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Interface integrity can be compromised through inherent design defects, errors, aws, or vulnerabilities. Interface integrity and vulnerability issues encompass electrical, mechanical, chemical, optical, and environmental aspects of interface design. Today most awareness to interface vulnerability tends to focus on secure voice and data transmissions, and network rewalls. Vulnerability solutions include secure voice and data encryption; special, shielded facilities; armor plating; compartmentalization of tanks; cable routing and physical proximity; and operational tactics.
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Interface Latency
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Interface latency is a critical issue for some systems, especially if one interfacing element requires a response within a speci ed timeframe. As an SE, you will be expected to lead the effort that determines and speci es time constraints that must be placed on interface responses. If time constraints are critical, what is the allowable time budget that ensures the overall system can meet its own time constraints.
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Interface Failure Mitigation and Prevention
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When you design system interfaces, there are a number of approaches to mitigate the occurrence of interface failures or results. In general, the set of solutions have a broad range of costs. SEs often focus exclusively on the hardware and software aspects of the interface design. As a natural starting point, hardware and software reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM), in combination with failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), should be investigated. System operation involves all of the system elements: PERSONNEL, EQUIPMENT, and SUPPORT. The point is that there may be combinations of system element actions or tactics that allow you to optimize system performance while reducing system cost.
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