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Figure 10.1 illustrates the System Element Architecture (SEA) for a SOI. When you de ne your system and identify physical instances of each system element, the next step is to characterize the levels of interactions that occur between each interface. The Contract Work Breakdown Structure (CWBS) should include a CWBS Dictionary that scopes and documents the physical items included in each CWBS element such as EQUIPMENT. One approach to ensuring system element interactions are identi ed and scoped is to create a simple matrix such as the one shown in Figure 10.2. For illustration purposes, each cell of the system element matrix represents interactions between the row and column elements. For your system, employ such a scheme and document the interactions in a description of the system architecture. Then, baseline and release this document to promote communications among team members developing and making system element decisions.
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The System of Interest Architecture
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In our discussion of the SYSTEM OF INTEREST (SOI) architecture we introduced the concept of the system elements, which are common to all human-made systems be they friendly, benign, or adversarial. The system elements common to the MISSION SYSTEM and SUPPORT SYSTEM consist of the following: PERSONNEL Element EQUIPMENT Element MISSION RESOURCES Element PROCEDURAL DATA Element SYSTEM RESPONSES Element FACILITIES Element
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The FACILITIES Element is typically unique to the SUPPORT SYSTEM. Our discussion included the System Element Architecture and illustrated how the system elements are integrated to establish the basic architectural framework for a MISSION SYSTEM or a SUPPORT SYSTEM. We are now ready to examine how the system interfaces with its OPERATING ENVIRONMENT and its elements.
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1. Answer each of the What You Should Learn from This questions identi ed in the Introduction. 2. Refer to the list of systems identi ed in 2. Based on a selection from the preceding chapter s General Exercises or a new system selection, apply your knowledge derived from this chapter s topical discussions. (a) Equate system elements to real world components for each system. (b) Prepare a paper entitled An Architectural Description of the [ ll in from list in 2] System.
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1. Contact a system development program within your organization. Research how the program documented and speci ed the SYSTEM OF INTEREST (SOI) architecture in the following System Element areas: (a) MISSION SYSTEM and SUPPORT SYSTEMs (b) PERSONNEL (c) MISSION RESOURCES (d) PROCEDURAL DATA (e) EQUIPMENT (f) SYSTEM RESPONSES (g) FACILITIES 2. For the system development program above, what lessons learned did technical management identify that were overlooked.
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DSMC. 1997. Acquisition Logistics Guide, 3rd ed. Ft. Belvoir, VA. MIL-HDBK-881. 1998. Work Breakdown Structure. Department of Defense (DoD) Handbook. Washington, DC.
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The Operating Environment Architecture
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The success of any system is ultimately determined by its ability to: 1. Conduct its planned missions and achieve performance mission objectives. 2. Cope with threats namely, vulnerability and survivability within its prescribed OPERATING ENVIRONMENT. For a system to accomplish these objectives, SE s face several major challenges. 1. Understand WHAT missions the User plans for the system to accomplish. 2. Based on the missions, speci cally bound the system s OPERATING ENVIRONMENT. 3. Understand the OPERATING ENVIRONMENT opportunities and threats related to those missions. 4. Identify the most likely or probable OPERATING ENVIRONMENT opportunity and threat scenarios that in uence/impact system missions. The OPERATING ENVIRONMENT represents the totality of natural and human-made entities that a system must be prepare to cope with during missions and throughout its lifetime. As one of a system s key life expectancy dependencies, the system s ability to: 1) prepare for, 2) conduct, and 3) complete missions successfully is in uenced by its OPERATING ENVIRONMENT.
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What You Should Learn from This
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1. What are the two classes of OPERATING ENVIRONMENT domains 2. What are the four classes of system elements of a system s HIGHER ORDER SYSTEMS domain 3. What are the three classes of system elements of a system s PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT domain 4. What are the four classes of systems that comprise the NATURAL ENVIRONMENT domain 5. How do you graphically depict the OPERATING ENVIRONMENT s architecture that includes detail interactions of the HIGHER ORDER SYSTEMS and PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT domains
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System Analysis, Design, and Development, by Charles S. Wasson Copyright 2006 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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