Challenge 5: Shock and Vibration in .NET

Integrate Code 128 Code Set C in .NET Challenge 5: Shock and Vibration
Challenge 5: Shock and Vibration
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Professional systems and products such as instruments can be very sensitive to shock and vibration. Plan ahead for these critical design factors. Make sure that the system in a stand-alone mode is adequately designed to offset any shock or vibration conditions that occur during deployment. This includes establishing appropriate design safety margins. If appropriate, the SPS should specify shock and vibration requirements.
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Challenge 6: Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Spillage
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When transporting EQUIPMENT systems and products that contain various uids, hazardous material (HAZMAT) spillage is always a major concern, particularly for wildlife estuaries, rivers, and streams, but also underground water acquifers. Perform insightful ES&H planning and coordination to ensure that SUPPORT SYSTEMS such as PERSONNEL, PROCEDURAL DATA, and EQUIPMENT are readily available to enable the SUPPORT SYSTEM to rapidly respond to a hazardous event.
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Challenge 7: Workforce Expertise Availability
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Service contracts are often bid on the assumption of employing local resources to perform system operations, support, and maintenance. DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING. Unless you are certain that these resources are dependable and will commit to the contract, you may be at risk. ALWAYS have a contingency plan!
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In summary, the preceding discussions provide the basis with which to establish the guiding principles that govern system deployment practices. Principle 56.1 Specify and bound a system s deployment mode(s) of transportation, distribution methods, and constraints; otherwise, the system s form, t, and function may be incompatible with its deployment delivery system. Principle 56.2 Site survey data quality begins with advance coordination and insightful planning. Obtain what you need on the rst trip; you may not be permitted for a second visit.
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During our discussion of system deployment, we highlighted the importance for SEs to thoroughly understand all of the system deployment issues and ensure that requirements are properly addressed in the contract and System Performance Speci cations (SPS). When the system is being deployed, SEs should be involved to ensure that the system interfaces to the appropriate means of transportation and facilities.
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System Deployment
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1. Answer each of the What You Should Learn from This questions identi ed in the Introduction. 2. Refer to the list of systems identi ed in 2. Based on a selection from the preceding chapter s General Exercises or a new system selection, apply your knowledge derived from this chapter s topical discussions. Speci cally identify the following: 3. Research the following topics and investigate how the system was deployed packaging, handling, shipping, and transportation (PHS&T) during integration and on system delivery to its eld site: (a) International Space Station (ISS) (b) Hubble Space Telescope (HST) (c) Construction crane (d) Portable electronic device
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1. Research your organizational command media for guidance concerning system deployment operations. (a) What requirements are imposed on system deployment requirements and design considerations (b) What work products or quality records are required 2. Contact several contract programs within your organization. (a) What system deployment requirements are stated in the contract and System Performance Speci cation (SPS) (b) What capabilities and features are incorporated into the system design to comply with these requirements (c) Does the program have a system deployment plan If so, what types of routes, means of transportation, licenses, and permits are planned (d) Did the program have requirements for measurement of deployment conditions such as shock, vibration, temperature, and humidity (e) How were countermeasures to temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, ESD, and salt spray accommodated in the design or packaging
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AR 200-1. 1997. Army Regulation: Environmental Protection and Enhancement. Washington, DC: Department of Defense (DoD). MIL-HDBK-881. 1998. Military Handbook Work Breakdown Structure. Washington, DC: Department of Defense.
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ISO 14000 Series. Environmental Management. International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Geneva, Sweden. MIL-STD-882D. 2000. System Safety. Washington, DC: Department of Defense (DoD). OSHA 29 CFR 1910, (on-line always current date) Occupational Safety and Health Standards, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Washington, DC: Government Printing Of ce. Public Law 91-190. 1969. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Washington, DC: Government Printing Of ce.
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