Challenge 11: Paragraph versus Singular Requirements in .NET

Paint barcode code 128 in .NET Challenge 11: Paragraph versus Singular Requirements
Challenge 11: Paragraph versus Singular Requirements
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In addition to the SE Design Process challenges, the consequences of paragraph-based speci cation requirements arise during SITE. The realities of using a test to demonstrate several dependent or related requirements scattered in paragraphs throughout a speci cation can create many problems. THINK SMARTLY up front when speci cations are written and create singular requirements statements that can be easily checked off as completed. Referral For more information about singular requirements statements, refer to 33 on Requirements Statement Development Practices.
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Challenge 12: Credit for Requirements Veri ed
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The issue of paragraph versus singular requirements also presents challenges during veri cation. The challenge is paragraph-based requirements cannot be checked off as veri ed until ALL of the requirements in the paragraph have been veri ed. Otherwise, say the paragraph has 10 embedded requirements and you have completed nine. Guess WHAT! You are stuck without a veri cation check mark until the tenth requirement is veri ed. Create singular requirement statements!
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Challenge 13: Refurbishing/Reconditioning Test Articles
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System Veri cation Test (SVT) articles, especially expensive ones, may be acceptable for delivery under speci ed contract conditions such as after refurbishment and touch-up. Establish acceptance criteria BEFORE the contact is signed concerning HOW SVT articles will be dispositioned AFTER the completion of system testing. Consult your contract and your program, legal, or contracts organization for guidance in this area.
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Challenge 14: Calibration and Alignment of Test Equipment Web code128b implementationin .net
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Testing is very expensive and resource intensive. When the SVT is conducted, most programs are already behind schedule. During SITE, if it is determined that a test article is misaligned or your test equipment is out of calibration, you have test data integrity issues to resolve.
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55.7 Common Integration and Test Challenges and Issues
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Do yourself a favor. Make sure ALL test equipment and tools are certi ed to be calibrated and aligned BEFORE you conduct formal tests. Since calibration certi cations have expiration dates, plan ahead and have a contingency plan to replace test equipment items with calibration due to expire during the SITE. Tag all equipment and tools with expired calibration notices that are highly visible; lock up the expired equipment until calibrated.
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Challenge 15: Test Hooks
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Test hooks provide a means to capture data measurements such as test points, and software data measurements. Plan for these hooks during the SE Design Segment and make sure they do not bias or alias the accuracy of hardware measurements or degrade software performance. Identify and visibly tag each one for test reporting and easy removal later. Then, when test article veri cation is completed, make sure all test hooks are removed, unless they are required for higher level integration tests.
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Challenge 16: Anomalies
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Anomalies can and do occur during formal SITE. Make sure that test operator personnel and equipment properly log the occurrence and con guration and event SEQUENCES when anomalies occur to serve as a basis to initiate your investigation. Anomalies are particularly troublesome on large complex systems. Sometimes you can isolate anomalies by luck; other times they are elusive, so you nd them later by accident. In any case, when anomalies occur, record the sequence of events and conditions preceding the event. What appears to be an anomaly as a single event may have patterns of recurrences over time. Tracking anomaly records over time may provide clues that are traceable to a speci c root or probable cause.
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Challenge 17: Technical Con ict and Issue Resolution
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Technical con icts and issues can and do arise during formal SITE between the Acquirer s Test Representative and the System Developer, particularly over interpretations of readings or data. First, make sure that the test procedures are explicitly stated in a manner that avoids multiple interpretations. Where test areas may be questionable, the TEWG should establish prior to or during the Test Requirements Review (TRR) HOW con icts will be managed. Establish a con ict and issue resolution process between the Acquirer (role) and System Developer (role) prior to formal testing. Document it in the System Integration and Veri cation Plan (SIVP).
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