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SITE practices often involve a number of challenges and issues for SEs. Let s explore some of the more common ones.
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Challenge 1: SITE Data Integrity
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De ciencies in establishing the test environment, poor test assumptions, improperly trained and skilled test operators, and an uncontrollable test environment compromise the integrity of engineering test results. Ensuring the integrity of test data and results is crucial for downstream decision making involving formal acceptance, certi cation, and accreditation of the system. Warning! Purposeful actions to DISTORT or MISREPRESENT test data are a violation of professional and business ethics. Such acts are subject to SERIOUS criminal penalties that are punishable under federal or other statutes or regulations.
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Challenge 2: Biased or Aliased SITE Data Measurements
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When instrumentation such as measuring devices are connected or piggybacked to test points , the resulting impact can bias or alias test data and/or degrade system performance. Test data capture should be not degrade system performance. Thoroughly analyze the impact of potential effects of test device bias or alias on system performance BEFORE instrumenting a test article. Investigate to see if some data may be derived implicitly from other data. Decide: 1. How critical the data is needed. 2. If there are alternative data collection mechanism or methods. 3. Whether the data value to be gained is worth the technical, cost, and schedule risk.
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System Integration, Test, and Evaluation
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Challenge 3: Preserving and Archiving Test Data
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The end technical goal of SITE and system veri cation is to establish that a system, product, or service fully complies with its System Performance Speci cation (SPS). The validity and integrity of the compliance decision resides in the formal acceptance test procedure (ATP) results used to record objective evidence. Therefore, ALL test data recorded during a formal ATP must be preserved by archiving in a permanent, safe, secure, and limited access facility. Witnessed or authenticated test data may be required to support: 1. A functional con guration audit (FCA) and a physical con guration audit (PCA) prior to system delivery and formal acceptance by the Acquirer for the User. 2. Analyses of system failures or problems in the eld. 3. Legal claims. Most contracts have requirements and organizations have policies that govern the storage and retention of contract data, typically several years after the completion of a contract.
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Challenge 4: Test Data Authentication
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When formal test data are recorded, the validity of the data should be authenticated, depending on end usage. Authentication occurs in a number of ways. Generally, the authentication is performed by an Independent Test Agency (ITA) or individual within the Quality Assurance (QA) organization that is trained and authorized to authenticate test data in accordance with prescribed policies and procedures. Authentication may also be required by higher level bonded, external organizations. At a minimum, authentication criteria include a witnessed af rmation of the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Test article and test environment con guration Test operator quali cations and methods Test assumptions and operating conditions Test events and occurrences Accomplishment of expected results Pass/fail decision Test discrepancies
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Challenge 5: Dealing with One Test Article and Multiple Integrators and Testers
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Because of the expense of developing large complex systems, multiple integrators may be required to work sequentially in shifts to meet development schedules. This potentially presents problems when integrators on the next shift waste time uninstalling undocumented patches to a build from a previous shift. Therefore, each SITE work shift should begin with a joint coordination meeting of persons going off shift and coming on shift. The purpose of the meeting is to make sure everyone communicates and understands the current con guration build that transpired during the previous shift.
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Challenge 6: Deviations and Waivers
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When a system or item fails to meet its performance, development, and/or design requirements, the item is tagged as noncompliant. For hardware, a nonconformance report (NCR) documents the discrepancy and dispositions it for corrective action by a Material Review Board (MRB). For software, a software developer submits a Software Change Request (SCR) to a Software Con guration Control Board (SCCB) for approval. Noncompliances are sometimes resolved by issuing a deviation or waiver, rework, or scrap without requiring a CCB action.
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