System Veri cation and Validation in .NET

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System Veri cation and Validation
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Challenge 8: Program Personnel V&V Skills and Knowledge Levels
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One of the issues with V&V is that program personnel may lack common skills, experience, and insights into conducting V&V activities. As an SE, you need to be the leveling agent and make sure everyone is trained and skilled in V&V practices, especially from a decision-making perspective. The realities are you have to devise a way to build in a minimum set of V&V activities to ensure that the system meets the minimizing costs requirements and remains competitive. Good practices consist of establishing key V&V objectives, soliciting proposed solutions, and selecting a preferred approach. Author s Note 53.3 A worst-case program scenario becomes reality when executives with limited experience exploit their position and authority by making command decisions that jeopardize program success. Examples are shortcutting or eliminating the review process to save dollars, eliminating critical documents, and con guration management and quality assurance. Executives who perceive themselves, by virtue of power and authority, as subject matter experts (SMEs) don t necessarily place their careers on the line by doing this. They ALWAYS have a way of nding scapegoats in the technical ranks to place blame for poor contract performance resulting from their innovative cost-cutting shortcuts. Then, continue to be promoted to higher positions because of their outstanding leadership.
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Challenge 9: Model and Simulation Certi cation
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Development of credible models and simulations may require veri cation by SMEs or SME organizations. Certi cation brings a level of accountability for maintaining and controlling the models and simulations in the form of expenses, distribution, licensing, proprietary issues, and documentation. Referral For more information about modeling and simulation, refer to 51 on System Modeling and Simulation Practices.
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Challenge 10: Veri ed Systems That Fail System Validation
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One of the most critical points of SE is the integrity of the value chain from the identi cation and validation of User operational needs through system delivery. You can incorrectly: 1. And inaccurately identify, bound, and specify the problem space(s) and the solution space(s). 2. Prepare the Operational Requirements Document (ORD), RFP System Requirements Document (SRD), System Performance Speci cations (SPS), item development speci cations (IDS), and design speci cation requirements. 3. Select the wrong COTS/NDI products. Errors, omissions, and defects in the ORD to SRD to SPS decision-making process can result in a system that fully complies with its SPS but fails to meet the User-validated operational needs documented in the ORD. Therefore, system speci cation, design, and development process decisions and integrity are critical issues to the User, Acquirer, and System Developer.
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53.13 Summary
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People typically view V&V activities as unnecessary tasks that consume critical skills, cost, and schedule resources and do not produce a new product. Contrary to this shortsighted mindset, V&V activities result in a higher quality product and AVOID costly rework. In the end the program directors, technical directors, project engineers, SEs, and others who are accountable for technical program performance and customer acceptance must live with the consequences of their decisions. Some people apply V&V and view it as a pathway leading to success; others view it as an unnecessary hindrance. Program performance tends to correlate with these two perspectives. The bottom line is: invest in correcting design aws, errors, discrepancies, and de ciencies up front OR pay signi cantly more at higher levels of integration. If you are serious about your reputation and career, you should ensure that some form of checks and balances are in place to verify that the system development effort will produce systems, products, and services that comply with contract requirements. V&V activities provide a means to accomplish this. Does V&V guarantee success Absolutely not! Like most human activities, the quality of the V&V effort is only as good as the people who perform the work, methods and tools used, and the resources allocated to the activity.
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