Technical Demonstrations in .NET

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Technical Demonstrations
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Technical demonstrations are sometimes performed as part of the Developmental Test and Evaluation (DT&E) procedures through the use of prototypes, technology demonstrations, and proof of concept demonstrations. These activities provide an excellent opportunity to assess and evaluate system performance and obtain more insight into system requirements and their re nements. The results of technology demonstrations sometimes ARE NOT the actual test articles but the set of requirements and data derived from the technical demonstration.
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System Veri cation Test (SVT)
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System Veri cation Tests (SVTs) are formal tests performed on systems and products at a designated facility and witnessed by the Acquirer and System Developer QA. A User representa-
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System Veri cation and Validation
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tive(s) is typically invited by the Acquirer to participate. The purpose of the SVT is to prove that the system or product fully complies with and meets its System Performance Speci cation (SPS) requirements. In preparation for the SVT, formal acceptance test procedures (ATPs) are developed, reviewed, and approved. Prior to the SVT, a test readiness review (TRR) may be conducted to determine the state of readiness of the test article(s) and supporting test environment including EQUIPMENT, FACILITIES, and PERSONNEL Elements as well as processes, methods, and tools used prior to the test. Referral For more information about the test readiness review and system veri cation tests, refer to 54 on Technical Review Practices.
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Quali cation Tests
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When a system completes its formal SVT, system validation may be performed as a quali cation test, depending on contract requirements. Quali cation tests, or Formal Quali cation Tests (FQTs), consist of two types: 1. Tests conducted under actual or realistic eld conditions to demonstrate that the system design and its development (components, workmanship, etc.) meet contract requirements. 2. Scenario-driven tests conducted by an Independent Test Agency (ITA) for the User organization as part of the Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) activity. During the OT&E quali cation test, the System Developer is normally precluded from participating in the test. Generally, the System Developer is kept informed about the evolving results of OT&E. Quali cation tests should be conducted by the User personnel to assess not only the system (e.g., EQUIPMENT Element performance) but also overall Human Systems Integration (HSI) effectiveness. Environmental or quali cation tests are often followed by a Formal Quali cation Review (FQR), which assesses the results of the quali cation tests.
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Quali cation tests subject system and component test article(s) to HARSH environmental test conditions in a NATURAL ENVIRONMENT or controlled laboratory or eld test environments. Conditions may include shock, vibration, electromagnetic interference (EMI), temperature, humidity, and salt spray to qualify the design for its intended application (in space, air, sea, land, etc.).
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Field Trails and Test Markets
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Commercial System Developers conduct formal system, product, and service veri cation testing via eld trials in the marketplace. Systems, products, and services evolve through a series of design iterations based on feedback from Users in eld trials or test markets. Ultimately, marketplace supply and demand determine the public s response in terms of system ACCEPTABILITY.
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Due to technical issues such as risk, interoperability, safety, and health related to large complex, expensive systems, government organizations such as DoD and NASA may issue IV&V contracts to assess the work of System Developers during the System Development Phase. In this context,
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53.9 Independent Veri cation and Validation (IV&V)
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the IV&V contractor provides an independent assessment to the Acquirer that the provisions of the system development contract are being implemented properly. A key objective is to ensure that systems or products will have acceptable risk and proper considerations for the safety and health of the system operators and the general public.
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