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System performance analysis provides a valuable tool for modeling and prediction the intended interactions of the SYSTEM in its OPERATING ENVIRONMENT. Underlying assumptions are validated when the SYSTEM is powered up and operated. The challenge for SEs becomes one of optimizing overall system performance to compensate for the variability of the embedded PRODUCTS, SUBSYSTEMS, ASSEMBLIES, SUBASSEMBLIES, and PARTS.
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Minimum Conditions for System Optimization
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When the system enters the System Integration, Test, and Evaluation (SITE) Phase, de ciencies often consume most of the SE s time. The challenge is getting the system to a state of equilibrium that can best be described as nominal and acceptable as de ned by the System Performance Speci cation (SPS). Once the system is in a state of nominal operation with no outstanding de ciencies, there may be a need to tweak performance to achieve optimum performance. Let s reiterate the last point: you must correct all major de ciencies BEFORE you can attempt to optimize system performance in a speci c area. Exceptions include minor items that are not system performance effecters. Consider the following example:
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System Performance Analysis, Budgets, and Safety Margins
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Suppose that you are developing a fuel-ef cient vehicle and are attempting to optimize road performance via a test track. If the fuel ow has a de ciency, can you optimize overall system performance Absolutely not! Does having a taillight out impact fuel ef ciency performance No, its not a contributing element to fuel ow. It may, however, impact safety.
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Pareto-Based Performance Improvements
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There are a number of ways to optimize system performance, some of which can be very time-consuming. For many systems, however, there is limited time to optimize performance prior to delivery, simply because the system development schedule has been consumed with correcting system de ciencies. When you investigate options for WHERE to focus system performance optimization efforts, one approach employs the Pareto 80/20 rule. Under the 80/20 rule, 80% of system performance is attributable to 20% of the processing tasks. If you accept this analogy, the key is to identify the 20% processes and focus performance analysis efforts on maximizing or minimizing their impact. So, employ diagnostic tools to understand HOW each item is performing as well as interface latencies between items via networks, and so forth. Today electronic instrumentation devices and software are available to track processing tasks that consume system resources and performance. Plan from the beginning of system development HOW these devices and software can be employed to identify and prioritize system processing task performance and optimize it. System performance optimization begins on day 1 after Contract Award via: 1. System performance requirements allocations. 2. Plans for test points to monitor performance after the system has been fully integrated.
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As a disciplined professional, document the results of each an analysis. For engineering tasks that involve simple assessments, ALWAYS document the results, even informally, in an engineering notebook. For tasks that require a more formal, structured approach, you may be expected to deliver a formal report. A common question many SEs have is: HOW do you structure an analytical report First, you should consult your contract for speci c requirements. If the contract does not require a speci c a structure, consult your local command media. If your command media does not provide guidance, consider using the outline provided in 47 on Analytical Decision Support Practices.
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In summary, the preceding discussions provide the basis with which to establish the guiding principles that govern system performance analysis, budgets, and safety margins practices. Principle 49.1 Every SYSTEM/entity design must have performance budgets and margins that bound capabilities and provide a margin of safety to accommodate uncertainty in material, component, and operational performance.
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